No sex drive/low libido or healing?

Hey guys!So im on a 54nofap streak,and i want to ask you something. During this journey i had some things happening to me that are quite opposite. One day i dont even want to think about girls and nothing excites me and the other day i want to have sex with a lot of girls(note:im craving for the real thing ,not masturbation,thats why i never relapse).I just dont know…i want to spend time with me or my friends and i dont chase or try to attract girls,however sometimes i want to have sex all i have a flatline,no sex drive? Or is it some kind of healing?

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It’s probably just a part of your healing process, but it also could just be that your having natural urges. Whether you consider those good or bad is up to you and since you said it’s not an urge to relapse, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just make sure not to accidently mistake a relapse urge for actual sex drive. As generally if I have a feeling that strong that it won’t go away for the whole day, especially if you aren’t talking to any girl in particular, then it might be an urge to relapse. But obviously you can be the judge of that as I don’t know your circumstances.

Stay cautious, hope you are doing well.