! no pmo whatsapp group!

Is there any working way to create a anonymous WhatsApp account?

I tried many ways seen on YouTube. None of them worked.

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@drago08 @Maswanpur please help my friend out. @Forerunner


what happen ? bro ? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


If you know, please tell me how to create an anonymous WhatsApp account so that I can join your group…

I tried many ways seen on YouTube and none seems working.

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If you can find a way to get a fake number from a website like My Trash Mobile or Free Mobile Num, you should be able to use that number just to join the group.

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I tried varuous app like textnow and 2nd line? Those numbers are not working with whatsapp.

you have to download primo app to get a anonymous contact number … and there’s two method to get second whatsapp … 1:- you can clone the whatsapp by using many clone apps in playstore you can find it by search … 2:- you can download custom/ modded whatsapp in google like gb whatsapp , it provides many extra features than normal whatsapp … enjoy.