No pmo related, Question for youngsters

Hey guys, it’s inspiring seeing you joining this community at young age, and trying to improve daily
I wish I was like you :slight_smile:

Keep going, you’re amazing

Question for you, and I really expect your help

where can I find and watch all Naruto series ?
Please :pleading_face::pray: :laughing:

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I knew I can count on you, I’ve been searching for an hour.

Thank :slight_smile:


Heh bro, u are talking with an ascended level weebo :joy::joy::joy:


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I already have the ad blocker :slightly_smiling_face:

no no i was telling him

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Some information on the naruto series.
It is divided into 2 parts , naruto (220 ep) and naruto shippuden (500 ep). The total number of episodes , as you can see are 720 . But 40% of the episodes are filler . A filler episode is not related to the story and can be skipped , it is optional to watch them . The list of fillers can be easily found on the internet . I personally did watch all the fillers , but it is up to you to watch them or not . The other 60% episodes are canon episodes i.e they are a part of the story and hence can not and should not be skipped . The canon episodes are based on the manga . The manga is the origin of the anime , nowadays there are anime without manga but naruto has it’s manga . It was written by masashi kishimoto and contains 72 volumes (books). There is no filler content in the manga . The manga can also be easily found online to read just as the anime .

Other than that there are 10 naruto movies and a few ova . The first 9 movies are filler while the last one is canon . Ova are short 5-10 minutes extras which are also filler but fun to watch.

Lastly there is boruto after naruto shippuden , it isn’t that fun to watch in my opinion . The newer episodes are starting to get interesting but not the starting one’s of boruto .

Lastly if you have any questions regarding naruto do not google them as you will be subjected to a lot of spoilers . Naruto is a big anime and all the questions will be cleared in the anime itself as you progress .

Naruto was the first anime that I watched and I rate it a solid 9.5/10 . It was really fun to watch , I hope it is as fun for you . Enjoy your naruto journey!

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You guys are experts
Good job :laughing:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Naruto can destroy streak you’re going.

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Thanks man, I’ll be cautious
There’s too many episodes,
I’ll be watching in once in a while, since I have other stuff to do.
Stay strong guys

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Bro I didn’t watch it. I said what I listen from friends.

Bro, then what do you say about the *** jutsu that is used more often…

Compared to one piece and other anime, I agree that naruto has very less triggers, saying it doesn’t have any triggers is wrong.

We as addicts must always be cautious, one moment of letting go of your inner self control and that’s it…

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