We all know NOFAP is not a goal in itself. Its a golden by product of an EXTRA ORDINARY focus on a Tough Life Goal(materialistic or spiritual). So whats ur life’s goal? Are you willing to put your breath on stake? Believe me Nofap is then your most solid companion. All that you need is a focussed mind and body full of ENERGY. Nofap gives you that. If you hav no life goal, then inevitably your mind will trick you into fapping doesnt matter you were at 8 day or 800 days streak.

I have created this challenge for 365 days. Where you will work on one life goal along with 365 days of nofap. Please its very important to put ur goal always above everything. Even if u relapse , dont stop working on the goal. Use relapse as an opportunity to learn that fapping only pusshes ur cherished goal away from you. That momentary pleasure is the cause of long lasting suffering.

So give me your sharing code.


Daily check in of nofap day count with numbers of hours u worked on that goal on that particular day.

Sharing your number of hours is of prime importance.

Using the ladder of nofap , we have to achieve our goals.

Remember: the more u work on ur goal, the easy it is to do nofap.

Dont put negative thoughts in your mind that says u shouldn’t do fapping. Instead put positive thoughts that tell u what u should do.

Good luck my brothers.

My goal is UPSC CSE . I want to become a civil servant.


SC : iqo8pt
my goal is to completely transform myself in all aspects of physical, mental and psychological aspects and make progress in spirituality

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