NO PEEKING Challenge (Again)

Bro, first of all welcome to this challenge. Second thing, challenge is always open and running simultaneously all the time. Its the responsibility of the individual to keep track of their no-peeking streak from the day they join this challenge. For example, while it’ll be first day for a new entry into this challenge and they’d be joining as peasent/slave under Humans category, there would be others who have been part of this challenge for longer durations and would have either higher or lower ranks according to their performances. You are supposed to challenge yourself in this challenge and not others.
All the best.


Guys, I gotta confess. I peeked twice today, and not only did I peek but I also relapsed twice. This is so shameful and embarrassing that I am the first one to fall here despite being the one who created this challenge.
I have stopped using phone, but lately my unproductive usage of laptop and television has been increasing. Unfortunately, there is no digital detox app that I can install on my TV or laptop, and that is where I’m getting triggers from. My mind has also been fantasizing a lot and for past few weeks, I have been fighting it continuously for hours but I am not able to control it. I watched a movie based on Kamasutra today on my laptop and led myself to fall so low, that I didn’t even know such lows existed. I don’t know what to say atm, I’ll just wait till next month to be able to get back into being a “human” again.


Hey @PrDr bro
Don’t worry as you already confessed that you made mistake… Even I agree the one who create challenge must be :muscle: strong and motivate, inspire others to be like us. But we are also human we also do those mistakes… But what matters most is once you do mistake, analyse the cue of the mistake and write it down… So, that next time same situation comes you never fall(into the trap) for it.

I hope you’ll get back with lot of :zap:energy and burning desire :fire: :fire:to become better person then your past.

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Yes bro, I will. Thanks for your inspiring words, they mean a lot to me now. I will become a human again next month by quitting this ape like behaviour.