NO PEEKING Challenge (Again)

If you believe that one peek won’t hurt and you’ll be fine, then well, good luck with your nofap journey because I have seen people falling from streaks as high as around 300 days due to that “just one peek won’t hurt”.
You’ve become so addicted that you have became a slave to your thoughts rather than the opposite being the case (which is the natural way). You see a gl female in the streets, a sexy female on tv, internet, hoardings or even newspapers and then your mind begins to have these “thoughts”. But instead of coming out of it, you like a slave, give in to the temptations and then you blame this and that and whatnot to feel less saddened by it.
Well, peeking is a choice. And if you can’t make the right choices in your life, then you are destined to fail. However, it is understandable that when you’re an addict of ages, you cannot be expected to make right decisions when it comes to your addiction. So, here is this challenge to help you with that.
Quite simple. Don’t peek and stay on top. One challenge in which you’ll start from top and then the only thing that can bring you down is your own choice to peek. I don’t care whether you fap or not, but if you peek, you move down. Even if you fap without peeking, your rank will not be affected here . Peeking is all that counts.

6 Categories
1. Humans - Don’t ever peek intentionally. If they get in uncomfortable situation, they get out of it within a minute, rather than giving in.
2. Gorillas - Peek 1-2 times intentionally in a month.
3.Baboons - Peek 3-4 times intentionally in a month.
4. Macaques - Peek 5-8 times intentionally in a month.
5. Lemurs - Peek 9-10 times intentionally in a month.
6. Sloths - Utter despicable slow moving pieces of trash, who peek more than 10 times in a month.

Among humans there are 5 categories
1. Philospher/ Intellectual/ Thinker (pick a title according to your choice- People who don’t peek for more than 150 days.
2. Emperor/ Empress - People who don’t peek for 100-150 days.
3. Different military ranks - 1 rank for every 5 days between 30- 100 days.
4. Common men/women - People who don’t peek for 10-30 days.
5. Peasents/ slaves - People who don’t peek for 0-10 days.

P.S. - After you slip, you move to the category below your current category. To move up by one category , you’ll need to abstain from peeking for 1 month.


A. Philosphers/ Intellectuals/ Thinkers
B. Emperor/Empress
C. Military
D. Common men/women
E. Peasents/ Slaves - Ishida, Human108, raushan, yash24 , meeeei_channnn, Samaranjay, Fizuli, Nep1234id, Hoaxboy, Freeman1234,Nofap_Beginner, adioz_aka_adidas, esodiesodi

2. Gorrillas - PrDr

3. Baboons



6. Sloths

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Everyone will start from “Peasents” rank under “Humans” category. Thereafter, its upto you, whether you wanna move up or down.
Post#2 is editable, so help yourself and add your name if you wanna join the challenge.

I am in. Sharing code 8d0oz6


I’m in , My sharing code : k8vnil

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Do we have to check in everyday?

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I am in
Sharing code: ksacdd

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No. But it’s mandatory that you update here if you ever peek. I am not a very active user here anymore, so I cannot personally keep check of who peeks or who doesn’t. People here will have to take the responsibility of their own honest actions and update. There is no shame in trying again and again.
All the best.


@madhavbansal bro, do you want to join this challenge too? Add your name here in the challenge if you want.

I love the 6 categories :joy::joy::fire::fire::fire:.

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I’m in
I need to be in full control of my mind

Nice one. :joy::joy:
I love it

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Add me in this challenge.
Sharing Code- 4agj6a

Count Me In :- kozg26

Me too in code: 7gdf2f

No bro I relapsed today again so I am feeling demotivated and will join this challenge after sometimes in future.
Thanks for asking.

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Count me in
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Guys @Nep1234id @Nofap_beginner @TheBigSP @Hoaxboy @Freeman1234 , you can add your names in post #2, as I cannot tag you guys in that post for some reason and hence cannot enter your names (bad memory :frowning: ) . I am glad that you want to participate in this challenge too. :slight_smile: All the best.


5 days are about to be over, guys. I’m proud of all of you. Keep it up. I also welcome new entries. Kindly keep your days in check and destroy the habit of peeking.

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