Current Streak:1day
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let’s do it

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Lets do this current streak 1 day
Code bt58kx

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Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise .
I don’t know going to bed early will makes me wealthy or not , but I can say it will make me healthy.

Keep grinding good luck to all


Books are our best friend , they play a vital role in our development.
we are almost near to complete 1st week of this challenge.
Keep grinding :v:

Stay strong
We have completed 1st week .
Many more weeks to come .
Kamehameha :cyclone::cyclone::comet::comet:

Eat healthy read healthy and speak healthy.
Read healthy means read something which will add to your knowledge.
Speak healthy means avoid abusive language or harm other person with your words .just like the one of monkey of Mahatma Gandhi .
Stay strong

It seems like you guys are not interested in this challenge , I haven’t seen anyone replying or posting something in this forum.

Greetings of the day
Stay strong
Stay energetic

Name : echotester
Current Streak:33 Days
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12th day of this challenge
Stay strong avoid …
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Day 13 having cold n fever because climate change .
Keep grinding
Good luck

14th day
RIP to big bull Mr. Jhunjhunwala.
Stay strong ,Good Luck

Day 15
Congratulations to everyone we have completed half challenge and we will continue to grind ourself to complete the 2nd half easily.
Keep grinding :v:
Happy Independence day to my Indian brothers
Jai Hind