No jerking july entire and beyond😤 your life could change in this new journey. tomorrow is today waiting to happen

Hello to everyone🙌

As you all know a new month is coming,:hugs:
July is the first month in the second half of the year, You didn’t complete the first half, then you could do the other one starting right now at this moment. You do know about the reasons to stop masturbation but here is a little reminder:

  1. Masturbation weakens you. It drains your body of protein and calcium content

  2. Masturbation creates nervousness as well as neurological problems

  3. Masturbation is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction.

  4. The trend leads to addiction and controlling it is a very big menace.

  5. Masturbation creates drowsiness since one will be sleeping most of the time after the ejaculation.

  6. Masturbation causes strain and stress in your mind and soul.

  7. Masturbation also affects the addict psychologically, creating depression after ejaculation and it makes one feel bad on his own.

  8. Getting red hot during masturbation will give a bad name to that environment as it is an indecent activity.

  9. Masturbation leads you to the noxious problem that you cannot see a person of the opposite sex without a single thought of sex.

  10. Masturbation creates the urge to do indefinitely since it doesn’t see the people, place, and culture. It, therefore, makes you dig into worse sexual problems if the chance presents itself.

  11. Masturbation induces homosexuals in colleges, hostels, and schools. Mostly this creates sexually transmitted diseases like VD, syphilis, AIDS, etc.

  12. Masturbation is the major reason for speedy sperm release when having sexual intercourse. It will create your dissatisfaction as well as for your wife.

  13. Over masturbation will reduce your sperm count. Couples that desire to conceive should not masturbate.

  14. The seminal fluid which gets released during masturbation contains proteins needed for many metabolic activities as well as cell formations. These proteins are our bodies’ building blocks. Ejaculation will create you to be lean and distract your metabolism from muscle building.

  15. Ethically masturbation is wrong. It is against culture and societal values.

  16. Masturbation will waste your time and in turn make you feel useless.

  17. The pleasure derived from masturbation never lasts for a long time.

  18. Masturbation will lead you to illegal contacts since the urge increases every day and will finally lead to the search for a source for sexual pleasure.

  19. Masturbation creates more problems as one loses memory and thought-provoking ability.

  20. People who masturbate will lose sexual interest in their partners very soon. They cannot feel pleasure for long.

But what if you do something about it?
What if you edited your future?
This is what’s going to happen to you:

Before: Mr. Nobody :pleading_face:

Before 1day:

Making a plan to stop relapsing forever.:writing_hand:

Before 15 minutes:

Deciding to enjoy your final relapse one last time.:thinking::smiley:

0 minutes:

Deciding to change​:v::triumph:

After 1 hour:

taking a shower and filling a little bit better. :+1:

After 2 days:

Urges begin😳: Most of us can fight these urges if we have strong reasons and know what is going to happen in the upcoming days.

After 4 days:

Sick🤧: some of you may feel sick.
Sleep deprivation🛌: you start getting less than the needed amount of sleep.

After 5 days:

Confident😎: you will become more confident in your life.
Interest in girls🙋‍♀️: you start noticing the girls more than before.

After 7 days:

Mental​:exploding_head::brain:and physical​:woman_climbing: energy​:man_running::
Finally, your mental and physical energy will start to return.

After 8 days:

Life​:seedling::rose:: you will start to enjoy little things in life.
Productivity🔝: your productivity will skyrocket.

After 10 days:

Anxiety😖: your anxiety will reduce.

After 15 days:

Skin🤗: Your skin condition will start to improve. The surface of your face will become clearer and your hair fall will reduce if you have any.

After 16 days:

Emotions​:heart_eyes::rage::scream::sob::crazy_face:: your emotions will numb.
Muscles💪: your muscles will grow weaker.

After 17 days:

No morning wood🛌: Finally🤸‍♂️
Frustration😫: you will be frustrated more often.

After 20 days:

Less sleep​:disappointed::sleeping_bed:: you won’t get enough sleep even though you are tired most of the time doing nothing.
Avoid social interactions🏡: want to be alone most of the time.
Can not concentrate​:roll_eyes::triumph:: your mind will be foggy and split in half.

After 25 days:

Work✍: your passion for work will return.
Learning📕: better cognitive functions.

After 26 days:

Respect🤝: respect for other people will grow.

After 1.5 Months:

Feel energetic​:man_playing_handball:: your concentration power will begin to recover and the brain :brain: will start to lift.

After 2 Months:

Higher productivity🔝: you will start to use that brain of yours more than ever in your whole, entire life.

After 2.5 Months:

People will start to notice you🕺: not only girls.

After 2.8 Months:

Relationships​:fist_right::fist_left:: you will start to have a satisfying relationship with your wife ( if you have one ).

After 3 Months:

Increase anger😡: your anger will be unleashed.
Goals📈: clear vision about goals.
Your voice🗣 will start to change: your voice will become manlier.

After 1 year: :tulip:

Porn DISGUSTS me!!!

So let’s all make an infinite streak from July and beyond😤.

Today I want you to make your decision😡
What you decide today could be your future.


I am in for change my life totally


today is the 193rd day of my nofap, in the first 3 months I just sat and waited for something to change. after that I started to do something. I started reading books even though I had never read before in my life. I started watching YouTube videos about porn addiction. now I feel much better, but in the first couple of months I had a withdrawal and I kept myself from jerking off. when I didn’t have wet dreams for a long time, my balls hurt a lot. then the body got used to the fact that I don’t jerk off and the eggs stopped hurting at all, I have wet dreams every 3-4 weeks. the main thing is to hold on during the withdrawal period, the withdrawal will pass and it will become easier.

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Lets do this… I am in.

Sharing code-daaf29

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I wanna be free from PMO for the entire second half of 2022.

Code: roxide
Goodluck y’all :triumph::fire:


I’m in…:muscle:t2:

Code: 87sy0f


I’m the guy who gives in to urges on day 2.

I have a relapse every 2 days.

I am weak to my urges.

My code Vqe481


U may be weak bro
But no one is permanent weak
Fight with ur urges
Ultimately u will become stronger :muscle:

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You are not weak. We can fail some times, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the inner power.

If you believe you are weak, that idea will govern you.

Review you mistake and ser what made you fail. In my experience, the call is not in the axt itself, but comes long before.

You can do it. :+1:t2:


Hey is your sharing code correct…? It was giving me invalid code error, when i was trying to add you

I accidentally made the V a capital.

Make it a lower case v and it will work.

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I’m in
Please add me :slightly_smiling_face:
rao7vs : sharing code


Hey guys!!!
You’re the best🌟

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IM IN!!!

Damn that adrenaline rush! July is my favourite month of the year!
Im in !!! Lets do this !!

Sharing code is ea1v0q

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Hey Sabeur bro, I am in.

Sharing code :- nkoemw

Let’s go :fire::fire::fire::fire:

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I am in
My code is 3oel5c

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Let’s defeat Freza together


Hello friend :handshake:Your code plz??

Of course it’s: 4210id

Same problem with me, bro