No Instagram No Facebook = Fake Followers, Fake people, Fake Pixels. Live A Real Life

Hi, I am on Day 14 today while writing this. I have been addicted to porn for last 10 years, I used to view it, Then Masturbate and Life had been miserable, But Now I am trying to overcome this habit.
I know I have messed up my body for long now but I am getting my hormones back in my life now, Getting in good hormones and letting off bad ones.
My mind has become clear now, I dont feel like i have memory loss or anything.
It has been a tough journey till now but i thing helped me a lot and that was Quitting fb and instagram. I am so happy i deleted my accounts.


Good to hear that you are taking some action against the problem😉. Don’t give up

Same here bro! Welcome to your first step to freedo.!