No Fap Success Stories/ Gains

Hello all,

I have just surpassed my first 7 days of No Fap since joining this community and I truly feel more determined than ever in going through with this journey in quitting porn. Joining this community has helped me in more ways than I could imagine by taking a more active approach and being more conscientious of my goal.

In thinking about my long road ahead, I wanted to know what is it that truly awaits me. What are the possibilities?

I am familiar with some of the benefits such as better mental clarity, more energy, drive, etc. But I wanted to ask the community:

What have you personally gained in going through with this no fap journey?

Believe in me that believes in you,


I’m on my 18th day of no fap

  • feel more energy and less lethargic
  • have started exercise in the morning
  • feel fresher in the morning after lesser hours of sleep as compared to before .
  • able to study with concentration
  • have also quit smoking last 2 weeks
  • many people have told me that I look brighter
  • feel better about myself and more self confident because I’m training myself to be a better person.
  • feel ‘cleaner’ and more at peace with myself …
    These are my personal experiences. Hope it helps. All the best guys :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s awesome to hear man! Keep it up!

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I am on my 40th day.

It was hard for me until 20th day. I have gone through strong urges. Now , it is not much that hard. The day moves as it is. I rarely get urges and it is because of social media.
The benefits are

  1. My concentration power increased drastically. I could concentrate on my studies better than before.

  2. I started to concentrate on my body fitness. I exercise daily.

  3. I have started to practice meditation and it really help me a lot in the journey. I strongly advise you to practice meditation.

  4. I see the every situation in a positive way.

Thera are lot of benefits. But still urge to watch porn exists and i can not completely come out of it.

I advise to use Blocker X app in appstore and it may helps you when you face strong urges. There is an option to block all the apps to 30 minutes. Or better to switch off the mobile when the urge hits you.
Immediately get out of that place and come out of the house. Come far from the electronic devices.
Enjoy the nature for sometimes.

Cold bath also help you


I didnt gain anything…I just stopped losing…
My energy. My time…my life


The Gains are on another level.
Its like achieving your highest potential.

Its like achieving complete satisfaction & bliss.

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I will have to get back on mediation it seems. That app sounds interesting as well.