No Fap September Challenge. Lets do it

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Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - INDIA🚩

Why I want to create a group - To Be More Accountable. Challenges helps in this NoFapJourney.

Rules(**Must Read**)

:large_blue_diamond: Everyone need to enter details in the format asked in post 1.

:large_blue_diamond: Newbies need to add their details as a reply as well as add themselves in the scoreboard under the right title. Mark :warning: emoji against your name so the admin can review it later. Failing this will lead to struck off their name from Scoreboard.

:large_blue_diamond: Newbies must not have fapped in Whole september. Failing this they can not join the challenge. But they can message me personally if they need any Help. I am always there.

:large_blue_diamond: Every participant must update their streak in 5 days. After that a warning​:warning: will be given for 2 days. After 7 days he/she will be exluded from challenge due to inactivity.

:large_blue_diamond: Everyone must show respect to each other. Any wrong behaviour must be reported immediately. One final warning will be given to such participants. If he repeats again he will be Banned.

:large_blue_diamond: Anyone can share positive motivational and spiritual pictures. Senseless jokes are not promoted here. Beware of posting triggering images too. Action can be taken for repeated behaviour.

Urges Killer Steps

:fire: How to Deal with Urges ? :fire:

  1. Take A Cold Shower :cold_face: Or Splash Cold Water On Your Face.

  2. Exercise until you are exhausted :weight_lifting_man:

  3. Block Porn using a screen accountability software or throw your phone.

  4. Go for a walk :walking_man:

  5. Listen to good music, Watch good stuff like good movies etc. :headphones:

  6. Start doing meditation :person_in_lotus_position:

  7. Start studying, it will divert your mind. :books:

  8. You can even help your mom to clean your house. 💆‍♀

  9. Play any outdoor sport. This will help you to identify your inside’s Ronaldo, pale, Tigerwoods, Sachin, Bolt etc. :basketball_man:

  10. Avoid Eating Onion and Garlic.

  11. Record your Video while urge hits and watch it next time it hits you again.

  12. Holding Your Breath

This is a very simple technique. Whenever you experience a strong urge, simply hold your breath!

Your body will often quickly forget about the urge as it deals with the sudden crisis of oxygen deprivation.

It is better to practice this technique with as little air in your lungs as possible (just push all the air out of your lungs by contracting your abdominal muscles before holding your breath), as the less air in your lungs, the faster your body will go into “crisis mode.”

  1. If none of the suggestions given work, then lock your hands and feet LOL! :closed_lock_with_key:

Go to Post 1 for RULES. (Must Read)

Getting Urges? Go to Post 1 for Tips.


   Challenge from Sep 1 to 30

Captain (Day 90+)
:trophy: chhava 23M🇮🇳 --> 107 Days

Commander (Day 61-90)
:medal_sports: rhybha 25M :india: --> 86 Days
:medal_sports: sammeena 20M :india: --> 79 Days
:medal_sports: Karan050 22M :india: --> 73 Days
:medal_sports: saksham3 23M :india: --> 74 Days
:medal_sports: Ash_Matt 17M :india: --> 73 Days

Lieutenant (Day31-60)
:medal_military: Angelo34 18M :us_outlying_islands: --> 59 Days
:medal_military: J0KER 25M :india: --> 56 Days
:medal_military: edistoretto 19M :slovenia: - - > 45 Days
:medal_military: prad07 31 M :india: - > 44 Days

Sub Lieutenant (Day 16-30)
:crossed_swords: Kpee 19M :philippines: --> 30 Days
:crossed_swords: NhTbH 27F :egypt: —> 25 Days
:crossed_swords: Aristotle 24M :singapore: --> 28 Days

Petty Officers (Day 8-15)


SeaMen (Day 0-7)


Falling is Okay but giving up is not
:underage: nofapstar123 17M :india:-> 15 Days
:underage: Vedant12318M🇮🇳->15 Days
:underage: GiornoGiovana 15M🇮🇳–>1 Day
:underage: snehilsiddhartha 16M :india:-> 2 Days
:underage: Vardan 22M🇦🇲 --> 5 Days
:underage: dhr3005 23M🇮🇳 --> 4 Days
:underage: chan1996 23M🇮🇳 --> 1 Days
:underage: MM2020 34M :oman: --> 10 Days
:underage: mildthinks 22M :nigeria: --> 0 Days
:underage: @Guddu 16M :india: --> 3Days
:underage: Kalechips 17M :us: --> 0 Days
:underage: neetwarrior 17M :india: --> 7 Days
:underage: Mahesh27_03 19M :india: --> 7 Days
:underage: valiantwarrior 20M🇰🇼 --> 3 Days
:underage: strongwillpower 21M :india: --> 61 Days
:underage: RaZat 22M🇮🇳->24Days
:underage: ajaxlam 24M🇺🇸 --> 14 Day
:underage: zakhmi_sher 20M :india: --> 0 Days
:underage: hellojaani 26M🇮🇳 --> 9 Days
:underage: KG19 18M🇮🇳 --> 49 Days
:underage: Shubh3107 25M🇮🇳 --> 16 Days
:underage: tanmay_ck 19M🇮🇳 —> 36Days
:underage: nari999 23M🇮🇳 --> 16 Days
:underage: Nep12 --> :india: 33 days
:underage: Duran 34M :eu: --> 58 Days
:underage: GrimReaper 19M🇮🇳 --> 27 Days
:underage: Babi21 27M :india: --> 0 Days
:underage: ToThy 25M :hong_kong: --> 0 Days

:no_entry_sign: abdul27 21M :india:–> 52 Days
:no_entry_sign: Hulk 26M🇮🇳 --> 3 Days
:no_entry_sign: MustaF 22M🇮🇳 --> 22 Days

:underage: Relapsed
:no_entry_sign: Inactivity
:warning: Need Review


Hi Bro,

Count me in.

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Stand strong, fight hard!


Hi Bro,

Count me in.

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Count me in.

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Count me in.
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Count me in.
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hi bro
count me in
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Hi @Mahesh27_03 I’m in :muscle:

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I’m in let’s fight forever :muscle: but I’m new about challenges so guide me please :pray:


Let’s get it

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Guys add me up

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I want to be in but how to do that

I am in

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@Aristotle @ajaxlam You must read the RULES. from Post 2. @ajaxlam Please edit your info with your country flag.

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Gender : M
Location : India

Reason to join : today i comple my abstinence august, since i want to make nofap a lifestyle i m joing this group. Count me in.

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In the rules it is mention to update the streak in 5 days how to update the streak?


@Mahesh27_03 do you mean that after 5 days I will come here and describing my 5 days how I pass it what I did ?! Or what ?!
I need explanation , please .


Go to Post 2. There you can edit the scoreboard. As day by day your streak changes. So do update that in 5 days. See these screen shots. @J0KER Do this.

Step 1 :- Go to Post 2. Here.

Click on this icon.

Step 2 :- After updating your current streak.

Click on Save Edit option. Only do update your streak.


Count me in brother
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Only this ?! :thinking: Without saying how I pass my days no fap :thinking: ok
I get it thx for explanation