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Hey guys what’s up … I just recently started committing to this but I’ve found that the plant based lifestyle is helping me a lot with being focused and centred on controlling my urges … at the same time it’s giving me more energy and potency - just wanted to share this


What do you mean by plant based? Do mean vegetarianism?

I became a variant of vegan (kept eggs and fish, but removed all other meats and animal products from by diet) and got usually long streak shortly after. It lasted a while, but now I find myself way hornier than before and it’s difficult to get going.
I don’t know if diet has anything to do with either.
Let me know what you experience.

I do not eat onion, garlic, meat, eggs, fish, junk food, processed food, packaged food and other shits. I eat vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products (not processed) etc. Basically, I eat only Sattvic food items. My life changed after I became a Sattvic food eater. Unnecessary urges reduced drastically. I stopped abusing and many other things happened.


Keep eating healthy dude.
Also check the china study to keep you balanced from all the fake arguments against veganism.

Download Ebook.

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Yeah, I have also felt the same. I have often relapsed after consuming red meats.