(No fap) need your opinion guys (im 14) day 58

Hey guys so i just wanted to ask this question regarding no fap i dont know if it is dumb but i guess i will find out depending on your response So let me get straight to it. Ive been on no fap for 57 days but along the line i decided to go vegeterian then shortly after i became vegan this would have probably been 1 or 2 weeks into my no fap journey not sure of the exact lenght of time. The problem is that when i turned vegan a lot of problems came with it for me personally because of my age (14) one of the problems that came with it was the fact that i want consuming enough food. Some of the reasons are family issues like living with only one parent my dad that is on his computer 24 hours because of the work he needs to do to pass his doctor exams. No one cooks in the house so we have to either get fast food or not eat breakfast,lunch and tea so yeah and the fact that i didnt eat at school because there is no food suitable for vegans and school is the place i usually get my nutrition everyday. So i think you can understand thar my food intake was really low meaning that i didnt get the right vitamins and nutrition which my developing body needs. With all this came a lot of stress like actually trying to find ways to eat food, finding vegan foods from the shops and all the other stress factors that come with being a vegan for me anyway. So yesterday i quit being vegan and hopefully will stop being vegeterian tommorow. But i just want to know what should i do from this point onward because i feel like this vegan thing has took away all the benefits associated with no fap like should i masturbate and start my no fap journey again or should i keep going on regardless? Hope you guys can help me. Thanks

I have asked this question on reddit yesterday so i copied and pasted onto here.

Hey there, and welcome to the community.
Just to get that right: you have been a vegan and a vegetarian, and the following low input of food made you actually feel shitty, as well as the stress that comes with adapting to a vegan lifestyle, so you stopped that and now you want to know whether you should go on with NoFap or fap and start all over again?

If so, the answer is simple: don’t fap. How would it benefit you at this point? NoFap is not the only thing making our lives what they are, but it has influence on some things (depends completely on you as a person on what and how much).
But if you have a reason to do NoFap, then stay on track man!

Dont look for excuses to fap. When I was in your age this is when I got addicted to this unhealthy lifestyle. If I could travel back in time I would never follow this path. Make use of of older users experience and learn from it unless you wanna regret it when you get older.

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Yes you got that right i just feel that because of my decision to turn vegan as i was on my no fap journey has canceled out all the possible benefits that is associated with no fap.

Not im not posting this as an excuse for me to allow myself to masturbate as i already have discipline over my mind. so even if i did fap i could reach the point at where i am now. I just want to take the best possible course of action in order to feel the benefits of no fap. I dont think i need to list them as you already most likely know them.

Hi Zodiac. Nice to have you here.

to the vegan thing: I think that it is really hard and needs a lot of knowledge to do this in a healthy way (especially in your age where you need a lot of food). As you said, if you do it wrongly you will feel like shit.
I personally would also love to be able to be vegan (for ethical reasons) but I think all the stress on your body (from always having to think what you can eat and from possible malnutrition) is not worth the effort. I personally handle it for me so that I don’t eat meat as soon as I have an option but if I don’t, I’ll go for the meat. With that you have kind of both. You will feel good and healthy but you can reduce your meat consumption to a certain level.

To the nofap:
please don’t let porn be an option. I know we are always talking of better concentration and stuff but the thing I really regret is that I can’t have normal sex. I have all this movies in my mind from years of porn so that I have to relearn what sex really is about.
I don’t know if others would agree but I personally think that fapping (especially in your age) is nothing per se bad. If a boy wants to do it once a month or so than I don’t see anything bad in it. It’s like an exploration of yourself. It only gets bad if you have the wrong relation to it (like too often or in combination with porn or so). From your text I don’t know which case applies and why you started the nofaping.

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Il copy and paste a comment of mine from the reddit post, contains why i started no fap.

Thanks dude. I guess at the start i used to watch normal porn but as that started to become boring and didnt make me happy as it once did i started to develop fetishes, so yes i did have an addiction for porn and this is the case for many people with a porn addiction it truly turns you into a person that only sees people as objects and it just fucks with your mind. Your not you anymore just a walking breathing puppet. in my opinion anyway as this is what it turned me into. So do you think i Should go back to watching porn? because i am postive that the fetishes have gone away. I just want to experince the talked about benefits, i think you already know them so im not going to list them. But if no fap comes with a possibe repercussion, as you said before no libido i dont know if i want to continue as i will have to pay the price which i will most likey regret later in my life. Given the information i have gave, could you come to the conclusion of whether i should continue my no fap journey or take the other path. And yes i know that i should come to my own conclusion based on what i think is better for me but if you could give your thoughts on the matter i would be grateful. Thanks

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:disappointed_relieved: you are farther than I hoped.

you already answered perfectly. Do you wanna be a walking puppet and see every girl as an object?
There is absolutely NO benefit in watching porn. I dare to say that porn is never ever a good thing.
The negative effects people sometimes state from nofap like flatlines, feeling bad an stuff are just temporary feelings. Every addict who quits his addiction has side effects at some point but they will fade away after some weeks.
You absolutely don’t have to fear long term side effects from not fapping.

My advise: don’t watch porn ever again. It will completely fuck up your personality and destroy your life.
try not to masturbate for 2-3 months. Afterwards try to build up a healthy relation to it. From what you said you definitely had this addiction. So, you know how it feels if your body is forcing you to watch porn. This negative craving.
If you can masturbate purely out of pleasure (without your body craving for it) and without imagining porn pictures than I would say there is no harm in masturbating a few times a month.

I think i understand now. To summarise i just felt like the 58 days spent on no fap have gone to waste meaning i have not gained the benefits due to the negative factors that came from veganism. So i wanted to know do i have to restart my streak and do my no fap journey again for my set goal 90 days to notice the benefits or do i continue with my current streak even though being a vegan ruined it? I think this is the question i wanted to be answered.

This is what i meant when i stated that it might be a stupid question.