No fap march challenge

March 16 success.

Today March 17th: relapse.

March 18 fall down

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No worries come back strong bro

Okay brother. I Will come back strong.

Comeback strong very soon

March 17status updation
Yeshwant vgpc2p (succeeded)
Prateek.12 p5ui0g(succeeded)
Vortex (failed)

March 18 Day 1
Getting stronger :muscle::muscle:

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Match 18th

Success today.

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March 19 ( weekly update)
Doing good so far. Not letting any kind of feeling or emotions put me down.

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Hey guys, sorry. Wasn’t updating the portal here. Going strong. No relapse till now. March 18 success.


March 19status updation
Yeshwant vgpc2p (succeeded)
Prateek.12 p5ui0g(succeeded)
Vortex (succeded)

Yes, I succeeded yesterday March 19th.

So far I have succeeded March 20.

Having a good streak. Just wanted to show it.

I just relapsed after getting 4 days.

At least its a new record.

March 24th fail.

But no relapse yesterday.

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Looks like we are at the end here.

25 success
26 success

27 fail.

My month in summary.

9 relapses in total.

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