No fap/complete plan

Hey!So this is a plan on how to start and finish your every nofap journey.

1.learn more about the nofap movement(what it is, benefits, relapse, withdrawal symptoms e.t.c)

1.5:realise that porn is indeed a disaster for your mental health and character

2.If you have a problem that you can solve through nofap, you must first accept it and embrace it. will create a goal and a complete plan regarding the solution of the problem

4.before you start, you’ll have to know that it’s not going to be easy

5.Be productive, do things whenever you can

6.create healthy habits along with no fap(exercising, diet e.t.c) around people-be more social

8.Don’t be afraid to fail,it’s part of success, believe me

9.don’t stress about it.don’t spent every minute of your day thinking if you masturbated or not, just let things be and check your progress every 1-2 weeks

10.never give up, if you relapse find the reason and and gain strength from it.

11.embrace the real life apart from your phone. Real people, real feelings, real entertainment

My opinion:everyone should stop watching porn.However masturbation itself is harmless. The problem is how much you do it, when you do it why you do it and how do you feel after. If anxiety is the reason you do it then it’s bad.if it is becoming an addiction is bad. If you feel shit afterwards then it’s things that will replace masturbation with a healthy habit. Find your goals and act accordingly.

Much love