No fap companion

Sharing code - b6df94

Current streak - 0days *
Highest streak - 60 days *
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - US

Why I want a companion - * i want a companion that can on a 7 days streak with me am starting small becuase i want to be realistic and from there go higher .But heres the deal breaker if anyone that joins me fails before the 7 days that person has to donate 5 dollars to charity if ur up for the challenge drop ur codes and lets start asap

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My code: 65feff

Ok good i just added u right now

Add me too bro
Code: bc6f782

Ok perfect i added u to

Added you too @Booboo

ce693fb add me if you want… feel free to approach me you can also approach people here individually… By pm

I’m on day 34…I’m not an addict but person of self control… Add me- aea2a3f

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