No fap benefits

Can you guys tell me about the benefits of no fap on our facial skin and face shape???if you are a 16 years old teenager…what will be the benfits??Need your help

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It makes the skin more bright


Any more advises and benefits …GUYZZZ I NEED YOUR HELP…

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*You got more time because you are still young, and don’t waste it.
*Keep no fap especially porn (these things controls our mind) and enjoy life at any age and every stage!

I’m not that addictive to PMO maybe 30-35% out of 100%, but I made in here to ensure that I get rid of that 35% of potential addiction!

How about you lad?


There is no conclusive evidence of nofap having any benefits on skin or hair, but at the same time there are nothing to prove contrary to that too.
As a ted speaker mentioned that there has been only a couple of full fledged scientific research on nofap with test subjects, there still remains a lack of scientific studies on effects of nofap.

I can tell you some tricks for skin care though if thats what you want-

  1. Workout- both strength and cardiovascular activities have proven benefits on skin health. It tones and tightens the skin.
  2. Water- Drink water religiously, drinking around 4 ltrs water a day keeps your body hydrated which also benefits the skin as it decreases wrinkles.
  3. Coconut Water and White part- Try to drink coconut water every day. It has electrolytes and electrolytes are chemicals that form electrically charged particles (ions) in body fluids. These ions carry the electrical energy necessary for many functions, including muscle contractions and transmission of nerve impulses.
  4. Maintain a Good Diet, high on protein, fibres and moderate amounts of ‘good fats’ and carbs.
  5. Avoid junk food, no explanations needed on this one, they are slow poison for our body.
  6. Last but actually most important- Maintain proper sleep, 6 hours or more everyday and sleeping between a particular time period is recommended like 11am - 5 or 6am, whatever suits you.

Lead a healthy lifestyle and all these things like skin and hair and metabolism etc will automatically fall into place.


Today I relapsed again…tell me some strategies…

Guy… First of all… If pornography is so good as you are tempted to believe, why do You want so desperately to abandon it?

Remember: the abstinence goes away with a few days, and the mourning too. Both of them can be controlled, which one will you choose to dominate?

Advice: If you’ve tasted days, weeks, months and years of addiction, why don’t you try stay away from that for an year, at least? Because that is difficult? Isn’t that a coward excuse? An excuse for the weak ones?
You’re more than that… You’re much more than your sinful thoughts say You are.

“Before I even formed you in the womb, I chose you; even before you came to the world”. Holy Bible - Jeremiah 1:5


Try reading ur realigious books , they help a lot sometimes

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By the way I really like bible

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Day 2 is over now…:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::blush::blush:Feeling like superman!!!

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Add companions it may help you,that you may compete with your companions

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Relapsed again right now.feeling bad

Then recite it bro it will help when urges come knocking at the door

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60a5c5…Add me guyzzzzzzzz

I have myself experienced many benefitis of no fap.
when i fap regularly i observe many things on my face that includes dullness, sore eyes and rough skin…
during my teenage i was hving problem of pimples … Nd i noticed that pimples increased with fapping
when i controlled my fapping habits pimples reduced nd also my face was more attractive…this was my personal experience.
if i consider other areas … i strongly believe that fapping affects your social life . When i used to fap i just remain in house nd i avoided people around me. Also, things just dont go according to your plans wen you fapp… in my case … i was not able to study , not able to go to gym , missed my tutions , nd much more :cry:


It could be due to lack of sleep due to insomnia due to fapping