No fap bad for health?

Hello, although its not proven,. But after 12 days of nofap i feel great. But also i see studies says fap is good, if done in limit. Now i am in concern, will not fapping ever is bad for you, especially when you are not having sex.? Floor is open


Just like a small glass of wine a day is probably good for you, but a bottle of more a day isn’t, everything in moderation. We are all here because we don’t moderate and porn has distorted our grasp on sexual reality.


No scientific study has ever shown masturbating to be detrimental to human welfare. Limited amounts of masturbation, that is, not fapping every day.

However, refraining from masturbating comes with a lot of benefits, though these cannot be easily documented in studies.

I’d recommend refraining from masturbating for atleast a month, after which you will begin to see the positive effects of refraining from P and MO. After that, if you feel the results are not worth it, and that you can control yourself, I guess you can go back to masturbating in a controlled manner.


Studies doesnt matter, all that matters is our experience


Hi @LuffyHere,

Not a single study till date has proven brahmacharya detrimental to health, mind or beyond. It’s just the other way round…

If you have time and patience, you may find your answers here-

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