No fap and UPSC preparations

Why UPSC so so difficult to clear!!

More then 10lk aspirants apply for UPSC exam and finally about 800 candidates will be selected, success rate is very less we can say 99.99 percent people fail to make it.

:face_with_monocle:How 0.01 percent of aspirents make it!!

:cowboy_hat_face::star_struck:It all depends on how we control our desires and urges that come across our path.

:trophy::trophy:How no fapp help us to get into that 0.01 club!!

*No fapp helps us to stay focused, study for long hour’s :hourglass:
*We never get demotivated
*Mind and decision making will be strong
*We get hunger to learn more and produced decent answers and able to tackle anything that comes out way
And there are many more benefits​:hugs::clap::clap:

Keep rocking stay focused!!!


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