No Excuse for Relapse,Relapsing is a Choice📵Motivation 💯

Edging does more Damage to the Dopamine Receptors than a regular Relapse⁉️
Step 1: Sexual thoughts attacks your brain

Step 2: You became tempted to think about the thoughts more

Step 3: You’re getting the chills, being pressured; thus opening the porn site

Step 4: Thinking twice and thrice wether to actually relapse or not

Step 5: The pressure is too much and you said “FUCK IT”, Clicked on a video and rubbed your penis

Step 6: Furiously fapping, cum explosion after just 30 seconds or less than a minute

Step 7: Looking at yourself and seeing the mess you’ve made. You instantly felt like total shit after 5 seconds

Step 8: Wishing you can take back time and never went to the porn site again

Step 9: Possible case of binging because of trauma

Step 10: 5 stages of grief, getting back to your streak

​See? that’s the 10 steps of relapsing. You could have prevented the incident at step 3, but ended up falling at the precipice.

You don’t want this to happen again, don’t you? Have control! Delete the thoughts!

If you edge, it counts as a relapse and you should not do it and not try to justify it, that’s it. Same goes with peeking, because peeking will inevitably lead to relapsing (trust me I’ve gone through this hundreds of times), it starts with just seeing a picture and you start to justify it only for you to sit there in shame 5 minutes later…

Manliness lies in controling Your mind,Lust & Hormones.if mind try to speak to u about such thought. you speak 1st &shut it,Do not give a single chance to speak. Do not think about Sexual thought at any time,your thinking & dream create ur destiny,Be aware of your thought. you Don’t need PMO to feel good,Don’t want pmo anymore, you view pmo as DISGUSTING. Start Study, take a walk,Exercise, Socialize get BUSY, Never fantasize,if a thought came focus on something else, Entertainig a thought make u Relapse. No pmo will satisfy u or make u happy or release your stress😡.Make a strong habit of not checking girls, make some decency.Stay busy to defeat physical urge,Get a routine,stay hell away from social media,screen,movie series, you Need to TRAIN ur Mind & EYES to not checking girls.If you fulfill ur obligations everyday u don’t need to worry abut the future.Believe that You can permanently free from PMO.


I totally agree with you. You will always can tell yourself no! I’ve had enough of this shit. I want to be a new man, I can be a new man!


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