No effect of nofap

I have a friend who started nofap because i convinced him , but it has been two weeks and he sees no difference , btw he masturbates every sunday .
He says that it is all placebo and that I am obssesed with nofap
Do anyone of u feel that no
Fap changes nothing in ur life
Ps he already has a lot of good habits

How he is going to feel the benefits if he jerk off every Sunday


I’m on day 92 and I can tell you right now my life has changed so much for the better. It’s not a placebo. This is real life. Ive convinced some of my friends to try no fap and within 3 days they were telling me their energy levels are way higher. No fap works, and ever since I quit, I feel so fucking good.


Most of the described postive effects of not fapping are by-products of stopping an unhealthy habit.
If you spent a lot of time on fapping, stopping it will make you focus on other parts of your life.
You won’t get more confident just because you don’t fap, but because you go out and experience interaction with people, get positive feedback on you as a person, for example.
So if is a content person, of course fapping once a week won’t have too much of an impact, it may even be a positive part of his life (e.g. stress relief).
Someone drinking a beer every sunday evening won’t be considered an alcoholic, even though it will have effects on his brain. It’s all a matter of personal circumstances.
So don’t let yourself be dragged down if he himself doesn’t experience benefits. That doesn’t mean it’s not the right path for you! :slight_smile:


I feel like the benefits can be overexaderated a little bit. After 2 weeks I felt even worse then I did before but now at day 32 I can see changes in my life. I’m a lot more social and i want to be out with people more and more. I think that the main benefit of nofap is the time you will have. If you use that time doing nothing then you won’t see benefits. You have to actively use the time that you used to waste on fapping improving yourself and working on yourself. Some of it is placebo I believe but hey if placebo makes your life better then why the hell not.


Your going through a flat line brotha. No fap isn’t sunshine and rainbows all the time. You will feel like shit.

You will only see benefits and withdrawals, If you’re addicted to it in first place. You said your friend masturbate every sunday it doesn’t sounds like he is addict Becuase addict of porn and masterbation will feel immediate urge to watch it after 24 hours (If you were feeling before and now you don’t then you’re recovering and it’s good news)
Porn addict watch porn more than 4-5 hours a day Depends on person to person And we call him porn addict, It doesn’t apply on those who watch just 5 minutes a day, Masterbation addict do masterbation 2-3 times a day, Due to NoFap all those will decrease.

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If he masturbates every sunday,
Clearly he isnt a addict like us.
He has a control over himself.
Masturbation is not his habit also because he dont do it every day.

The problem only comes when we lost our control and we give the controller remote to our dick.

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Thats my point (what i told him)but considering some one who jerks off 3 times a day that had to happen

He used to do it everyday but i asked him to try nofap so he foes a week into nofap sees his girlfriends nudes and masturbates

He used to do it 3 times a day till I convinced him that he should not do it
So now he only jerks off on sundays
He says he cant live without one fap sessiin per week

Exactly! I told him that but he says he is going to slap the snake today

Then tell him to try for 90 days, NoFap doesn’t work overnight, It will take time to see benefits. I think your friend enjoy masterbation, He has to realize harm of doing masterbation if he doesn’t then it can be hard for him to change.


It will not take long enough to relize this but i know soon he will come and ask for nofap. Poor soul.

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Some thoughts about this whole topic.

In my opinion, the main positive effects of nofap come from changing your lifestyle. This would also make sense with your friend. If he doesn’t change anything besides that he doesn’t fap then he won’t see the major benefits. Basically all positive effects i have are do to the better usage of time I have and the higher motivation to do stuff.

Surely, you will have more benefits if you are deeper into this problem (being addicted for a longer time, doing it more often and so on) mainly because fapping and porn (in fact every addiction) changes the way you are as a person. If you changed a lot you can also change back a lot and hence see many positive effects

It can happen that you feel worse after the first few weeks. I had that at the beginning of my journey when I had my first longer streak. these are the withdrawal symptoms. after some time these will disappear and not come back even if you relapse once or twice.

Addiction is not a line. It’s not that you either are one or you aren’t. That’s inherent in it’s definition. Main point of an addiction is that you stop doing things that you like and instead you take your drug.
That is also the case if you do it once every Saturday. It’s just about the severeness of your addiction.

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U are absolutely right

I am trying to change that wish me luck

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One more thing he doesnt want to change because he says that when he googles “harms of masturbation” he doesnt find any negative results
He even told me today that after masturbation he felt really energetic (he played basket ball for 3 hrs last night after a fap session )but with nofap he felt no energy at all so he is quitting nofap

You should not give nofap advice to your friends who are happy with their lives.

And if you know the truth you must not be misled by your friends comment about that he played 3 hrs basketball after fap. Let him do his shit. You do yours. after 1 or 2 yrs of nofap your friend will be amazed by your changed personality. Then he will envy you.

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I still believe that there is no direct harm of masturbation.
I mean, it is a release of sperm. there is nothing directly harmful in that.
The harmful thing is the addiction of pmo.
If my friend thinks he doesn’t need the benefits of nofap I wouldn’t mind. If he is happy -> okay. But I would ask him if he really wanna be an addict. An addict like any other drug user or smoker

Obviously he will say that he isn’t an addict because he does other stuff. But already the thing that he feels bad if he doesn’t fap clearly shows that he has a problem