Nirvana - my journey [18 M]

Hey guyz,
As you can see my username is nirvan.
I believe that everyone has the potential to be anything he desires to be.
It’s just that he hasn’t really tried to do it.
Anyways my highest streak was around 55 days and i am writing this diary for sake of writing it, no particular goals behind it.


For the start i would like to say the updates might be a bit irregular nd replies might be late but i will definitely do it.

So i started watching porn around the time i was 13 before that i used to masterbate. I didn’t really had any problems with it as i knew nothing about it nd i had a goal to do it - that is incearse my sexual mastery for future. Anyways that’s how i started porn but later on it grew into an addiction.

I had developed several problems due to it such as social anxiety, objectification of women, and the one that was biggest of all - lack of motivation.

And i started my nofap journey, although it only really started when i understood it didn’t really did anything helpful for me and was harming me.
NOTE THAT - there is difference between knowing and understanding.

Anyways let’s end this.
My first day for this streak.

My advice to all - do your work, don’t think about it and you will be fine.


Underestimated the chaser effect altough i didn’t watch porn i still masturbated
Anyways that was a day before
Nd now there should be no problems
Goal 1:- 5 days

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Welcome my friend. Thank you for sharing all that.
It is good that your goal isnt too high in the beginning

I will be reading your diary and hope that you stay strong!

Then i definitely won’t disappoint you


Hey guyz
Here i am with another update
I felt little urges in the day but i fought through them. Other than that my day wasn’t really productive i would say as i just couldn’t study, maybe because of lack of sleep my cognitive abilities were less.

Anyways that’s all i have to say nd special mention for anthe
Bro i hope that we can beat this addiction together.
Best of luck​:+1::+1:

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Thank you very much!
I’m on day 2 as well. Let’s do this together!

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Argh my sleep
Anyways let’s do this together

In between there a lot of pmo nd other stuff that happened nd after that i really wasn’t in the mood to write the post.

Anyways guyz here is a summary to what i did
Basically i collected information on various stuff from what to do in a conversation to how to have an amazing personality with various aspects covered ranging from body to clothes to body language.

Today my day 4 has been completed.

Looking forward to the future