Nihar's Diary To Achieve 1000 Dreams ✌️

Hello everybody :wave:

I’m Nihar. I was writing my diary at message board but it felt like that’s a wrong place to do so. I’m starting my new journey with lots of hopes and dreams.


  • My name is Nihar (school name is Ajay)
  • My current streak is 18th day
  • I love to play games, listening to music ect.
  • Friends are like the one page of my favourite book :books:
  • I love and adore all my friends :heart:
  • Burning desire is to cross 1000 days of NoFap :fire::fire:

Let’s go :point_right:


Thanks to everyone those who liked my diary and a special thanks to @Ash_Matt for adding my name in title. Now it looks more awesome :v::sunglasses:

Hmm… So let’s start!!

24 February 2021 - Wednesday - 2:22 PM

I just came from school (near ½ hour) and got freshen up. I had my lunch and now gonna call my friends and play some games. Next what I’ve to do cannot be revealed in order to not get any issue (kidding). After that I’ll go out and play. Currently feeling “Jhakkaas” and going to eat Tiger Crunch (I love this).

I’ll meet you’ll again at 8 pm till then keep yourself busy and don’t think about ______________ (fill in the blanks) :yum:


That’s great!
Haha it’s just the policy here that diaries must have the usernames in the topic, that’s why I added that :slight_smile:


True that. :+1: @amazingnewman

Appreciating :heart::heart:


Guys don’t make the situation more worse, instead try looking for a solution


Yeah when life puts u in a tough situation, don’t say “WHY ME?” but say " TRY ME"


1000% correct bro… :sunglasses::pinching_hand:


Hats off for those who think in this way :heart:

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100 Benefits of Quitting Porn or Masturbate Addiction :-

  1. Clear thinking;
  2. Breathe better;
  3. Smoother mood transitions;
  4. Sharper mental dexterity;
  5. More articulate;
  6. Better memory;
  7. Working through stress more effectively;
  8. Increased energy levels;
  9. Reduced depression ;
  10. Deeper interactions with others;
  11. Improved integrity;
  12. Boosted confidence;
  13. No social anxiety;
  14. Better focus on task at hand;
  15. Enjoying simple pleasures more deeply;
  16. Increased faith in ability to control negative mental triggers ;
  17. No risk of arrest or legal troubles;
  18. Increased joy;
  19. Renewed self-respect;
  20. More free time;
  21. Need to sleep less;
  22. More free cash;
  23. Confidence to try new things;
  24. Increased humility:
  25. Asking others for help;
  26. Better partnership with girlfriend;
  27. Better ability to learn and remember new things and new ‘songs’;
  28. Can travel without paranoia of border checks;
  29. No worries about of being found by somebody;
  30. Not supporting organized crime;
  31. True bonds with friends;
  32. Better fitness level;
  33. New doors opening to spiritual world
  34. Confidence to take on any task
  35. Ability to strike up conversation with anyone I choose without fear or insecurity;
  36. No paranoia;
  37. Increased motivation for self-improvement;
  38. Feeling of wholeness that is not reliant on an external source ;
  39. Not being enslaved by the need for porn;
  40. No more feeling guilty;
  41. Saving time;
  42. Communicating more;
  43. Renewed sense to sensations;
  44. So much more energy than before ;
  45. Deeper philosophical thinking;
  46. Way more patience;
  47. Increased brainpower and mental endurance;
  48. Regain of focus to finish one job before starting the next one;
  49. Waking up in the morning feeling rested;
  50. The return of wit;
  51. Improved ability to relate:
  52. Regain of job satisfaction;
  53. Stronger mental control over moods and thought processes;
  54. Better crisis management;
  55. Experiencing natural highs;
  56. The ability to inspire other people;
  57. The development of healthy habits;
  58. A sharper mental game;
  59. Increased muscle tone;
  60. Heightened sense of humor;
  61. More love towards life;
  62. Better response to emotionally charged situations;
  63. Renewed sense of life, waking up to greet the morning sun and air;
  64. Easier to get out of bed;
  65. Development of mature, competent coping mechanisms;
  66. Feeling in control always;
  67. A stronger sense of optimism about life;
  68. Being better at controlling other aspects of life, like cooking, exercising etc.
  69. Improved quality of work;
  70. More present for family and friends;
  71. More agility and awareness;
  72. No need to worry about porn;
  73. I am not constantly craving something every time I get bored or stressed;
  74. Better health, less sickness;
  75. Reduced anger;
  76. Better communication of feelings;
  77. Dramatic improvement of self-esteem;
  78. Being more interesting person;
  79. Clearer memories;
  80. More laughs;
  81. No panic attacks;
  82. Feeling of more freedom;
  83. Better teamwork;
  84. Reduced anxiety;
  85. No more eye strain or need of eye drops;
  86. Reduced paper tissue consumption;
  87. The joy of making things happen and being powerful;
  88. Enjoying the daylight and sunlight;
  89. Enjoying the observation of lives around;
  90. Better emotional health;
  91. Emotional energy savings;
  92. Feeling intense emotions without being ruled by them;
  93. Strength to keep going when the going gets tough;
  94. Joy of keeping promises;
  95. Enjoyment of the relaxed mental state;
  96. Improved courage;
  97. Reduced desk clutter;
  98. Increased trust;
  99. Joy of sharing;.
  100. Achieve success :fire::fire::heart:


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  • I’m home alone :lock:
  • I’m angry :rage:
  • I’m bored :yawning_face:
  • I don’t have a girlfriend :disappointed:
  • I have a strong internet connect, why not watch at least one porn video :yum:
  • the urges are too much. I can’t control them :cold_face:
  • today is a spoilt day :confounded:
  • after all I have gained nothing :smirk:
  • let me fap for the last time :neutral_face:
  • i want to start a new life :confused:


We always make excuses in the situations we are currently in not knowing these will make us end on a losing side.

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Here are some Yoga :person_in_lotus_position:t2:‍ Postures by which you can rewire your :brain: brain. By which you can calm your brain so during flatline :woozy_face: period you can easily fight your Porn Addiction.

  1. Bhastrika
  2. Sarvangasan
  3. Sirsasana
  4. Viparita Karni
  5. Pranayama
  6. Urdhuva Padmasan
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:fire: How to Deal with Urges ? :fire:

  1. Take A Cold Shower :cold_face: Or Splash Cold Water On Your Face.

  2. Exercise until you are exhausted :weight_lifting_man:

  3. Block Porn using a screen accountability software or throw your phone.

  4. Go for a walk :walking_man:

  5. Listen to good music, Watch good stuff like good movies etc. :headphones:

  6. Start doing meditation :person_in_lotus_position:

  7. Start studying, it will divert your mind. :books:

  8. You can even help your mom to clean your house. 💆‍♀

  9. Play any outdoor sport. This will help you to identify your inside’s Ronaldo, pale, Tigerwoods, Sachin, Bolt etc. :basketball_man:

  10. Avoid Eating Onion and Garlic.

  11. Record your Video while urge hits and watch it next time it hits you again.

  12. Holding Your Breath

This is a very simple technique. Whenever you experience a strong urge, simply hold your breath!

Your body will often quickly forget about the urge as it deals with the sudden crisis of oxygen deprivation.

It is better to practice this technique with as little air in your lungs as possible (just push all the air out of your lungs by contracting your abdominal muscles before holding your breath), as the less air in your lungs, the faster your body will go into “crisis mode.”

  1. If none of the suggestions given work, then lock your hands and feet LOL! :closed_lock_with_key:

What you can replace with watching porn

  1. Having a Sleep :sleeping:
  2. Hitting the Gym :muscle:
  3. A Walk :walking_man::walking_man:‍♂
  4. A Jazz with friends 🫂
  5. Swimming :swimming_man:‍♀:swimming_man::swimming_man:‍♂
  6. Eating :yum:
  7. Music + Dancing :dancer::headphones:
  8. Singing :studio_microphone:
  9. Cold bath :bathtub:
  10. Learning :ledger:
  11. Journaling :memo:
  12. Talking about it with people who will understand 🤷‍♂

100 benefits of quitting is a great one. This will help me and a lot of other people as well. Thanks and stay STRONG

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How to ruin your life

  1. Assume your problems are unique
  2. Refuse to forgive
  3. Don’t love people back. Protect your heart
  4. Watch porn whole day
  5. Allow past mistakes to define you
  6. Masturbate everyday
  7. Spend all your money. Someone will give you, just don’t worry.
  8. Wait for someone to help you
  9. Reject gratitude
  10. Forget about trying. Things will come

Step 1 : The urges slowly creep into your mind and start whispering

Step 2 : You think you should not pay attention to them

Step 3 : The whispering intensifies.

Step 4 : You think it’s ok if i just entertain it for 5 mins

Step 5 : Your mind tells you it is wrong you will suffer but the whispering of urges has now turned to loud noises that have deafened ears from listening to your good side of mind

Step 6 : You relapse and regret later on😌

You lost at Step 4 friends…just a thought of lust gives rise to many more…if you kill that 1 thought you would not have to face multiple ones.
Hope this helps.:v:

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That’s the thinking that many teenagers have . The age is like that we have attraction towards opposite gender , but actually we don’t have any feeling or love towards other gender , we just feel attracted towards the body of female and want to have physical relation with a female .

But as we grew older , our thinking changes and we become more rational and we understand the feeling of female and not any more looking at her physical beauty …


1001% correct :sunglasses: boss


25 February 2021 - Thursday - 6:17 AM - Day 19

Wow! Yesterday was awesome but I was quite low energetic, this could be due to not taking a proper sleep. I’ve decided to maintain a proper sleep in order to become more energetic. For that I need a challenge, schedule and a positive attitude. I really can’t avoid playing games these days. They may have become so addictive, that while playing I forgot everything. I’m feeling little bit of sleepy today. I think I should go and sleep… Ok, I can’t control it and take it anymore. I’m going to sleep :zzz: . By the way Good Morning to everyone. :sunflower: :sleeping:

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Dream 1 :v: To cross my highest streak of 30 days :sunglasses:

Today I’m feeling “gajjab” maybe coz of being at day 19 but I can feel the energy that is flowing through my veins. I’m ready to beat this addiction and cross 30 days of NoFap. It’s already been 19 days but till now no urges came. But still I need to be careful as a single mistake can lead me to a relapse. Tic-tic-one, tic-tic-two, tic-tic-three, the time is passing by, I’m getting older year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, moment by moment. Everything is either upgrading or downgrading. I can feel everything, just make yourself comfortable with all that you have. Feel the positivity. Inhale the truth and mercy of almighty God and exhale the list of pornography. Everything is going in a perfect direction. Let’s not disturb this nature. Let’s push ourselves to do some work. Let’s make our self shout for our encouragement. Let’s say together. Let’s go :fire:

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