Night fall occur I'm deperssed

It’s my day 17 and those days two night fall it normal??I’m so depressed

Yes bro in start it’s normal if it happens in almost 5times a month and later on it will be also less in number don’t lose Hope Just wait for3 month

It is normal, Don’t think about it too much. Your body constantly produces sperm, and when there is no space to store It releases the semen that has built up. Keep going and you will feel more in control.


Thank u soo much it’s really helpful.i will control it

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Night fall unconsciously is okay atleast . But it happens too frequently like every night or once a week then its bad. Your thoughts must be pure as well. Don’t look porn or such lustful activitues for 1 week. And try increasing it.
Do meditation
Do exercise
Breathing techniques.
But don’t let your thoughts be in that lustful activities.