Nighfalls in unwanted place

Hello friends,
I know that nightfalls are natural and you should not feel sorry about that but still whenever I sleep with my family or with known people I fear of nightfall. I fear of dreams.
And when it happens I feel like shit. I feel like alien.
I can’t be normal at this point. It’s stressing me out. Plz help me on this.


@pingpong1 Do you normally relapse after a nightfall?

@pingpong1 I honestly have no idea how to stop a nightfall. My dreams are random. Sometimes I get wet dreams and sometimes I don’t. I never act on a wet dream. If I do get one, I just come to this forum and motivate others. That’s what helps me.


@pingpong1 Try to stay away from triggering content.

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Man, I had this fear too in a recent occasion.

But, you know, the fear for it impulses your conscience to have nightfalls.

I’m not telling you that everytime you have fear you’ll have a nightfall, but you need to knock it off and try to not worry, it’ll be best.

Remember, everyone has it, had it or will have. It’s completely normal. With time and nofap you’ll be able to stop these recurrent nightfalls.

“Just” don’t worry and stay away from porn.



No , usually I don’t relapse after nightfall.

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Ya sure, I always try to stay away


So true brother . The more I fear the more chances of occuring increases .it’s like a loop hole. I will try to stay away from it.
Thanks a lot


The answer is change in lifestyle.
This includes the way one think and act.

Watch out what you are thinking. Our thoughts are subtle and affect the subconscious mind. It’s all scientific.
Thinking->activation of the relevant part of your brain->strengthen the previous neuro links(which triggers the past memories and related consequences for release of dopamine etc)->thinking about it->…(cycle repeats)

The way forward is not to give it so much attention. You will see the frequency reduce with time. There are so many things important in life which demand more attention.

The funda is to weaken the past neuro connection by not thinking about it (so that it does not activate the part of brain which associate it to dopamine or pleasure).



@JumpingBuddha Good advice. Thank you.


what you have to know is, they have been in exact situation you have been in… They wouldn’t think anything wrong, they are your family.

I think it will help you if you let go of this feeling… There’s nothing wrong with failure at some situations. If I go on a stage, give a speech, and if I worry about failing, then I fail. And if I fail, if I think about people laughing, I wouldn’t even get up on stage next time. If I blame myself for failing, I would be in a never ending shame. Instead let go. We fail, we will be in embarrassing situations, thats natural, thats life. If we take every embarrassing situation to heart and be scared of a future one, how to live life freely and peacefully?

Work on that fear… If wet dreams happen, they happen… I would be a bit embarrassed, yes, but thats okay… I get up, change and sleep again. May be clean it up a bit without waking them up. If they wakeup and see that, just say sorry…

But to help this issue, wear an underwear, it will help to contain things a tiny bit. And if that isn’t enough, wear a pad kind of thing inside… There will be men’s sanitary pads,check online or in local medical store. Wear inside an underwear and problem solved…


@pingpong1 , take very seriously what @JumpingBuddha said. During my previous runs, I would have nighfalls like every 2 weeks, but I didn’t have any during my this ongoing streak … and the reason for that is the feeling of “disgust”. It has lately been getting ingrained in my brain so deeply, that even when I’m subconscious and in states like when I’m dreaming, the disgust is still there. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel attracted to females anymore or I don’t crave for intimacy, but the feelings of disgust are way stronger than them which instantly acts like a stabilizer standing behind me, who drags me back and stops me from falling into the trap of lust, obsession and PMO. Similarly, you’ll have to make other feelings way stronger than the feelings that you have for lust, sex and intimacy; and then you’ll probably overcome it.
(However, beware that feelings like disgust, hatred, etc are negativities which may harm a person in most of the areas of their lives. So, learn to use such negativities positively. Or better, just make some positive feelings so strong that they help you overcome the feelings for lust, sex and PMO.)
P.S. I’m not claiming anything. I’m just suggesting you something which I reckon, has been working for me so far. Rest is upto you.


@pingpong1 Besides the excellent advise here, I would add a few things. Practice resisting fantasizing during the day. Make it a habit that as soon as you get a racy thought, remove it. That’s what I did, and that translated into my sleep too-my mind got into the habit of removing racy thoughts automatically. That and don’t stay in bed beyond 7 am.


You are spitting facts bro.:joy::joy:

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It happened and let me tell you , in past days I dreamed while sleeping about
Complected poses of s** it was not quite or anything calm …
And when I woke up I have doubt between reality and dreams …
And a lot of questions I have about :point_down:
Why this God happened now ?? Why I really try so much and I’m now in a good way …
Did I pick me while sleeping ??
But noo , nothing happened …

Lot of questions and I feel peace when I pass this all alone and with confidence with any single fault …

Only thoughts …

And this make everyone not blaming her or hiself , yes because emotions is part of you and thank God that it’s different and change …
Only what you need to success in this journey is to have the concept of# everything have for me a limit … only this # live with it .
Your emotions not an ennemie if it’s pure , emotions it’s good for healthy life and for humanity you have to know this and don’t worry …
What is make you sometimes feeling bored or misunderstand that our addiction what ever what is it ?

It level up much more then we have to have or have to feel … that’s it maaan that’s it …

So I hope that you understand my opinon and go on with living each day like is it the last one .

How about this ? :thinking::sweat_smile: tell me in your reply …


Thanks @NhTbH for your suggestion
You are quite right , emotions are not your enemy but I also think this is not an emotion , it is an urge for ultimate bliss which is absolutely not masterbation. Our subconscious is defected :pensive: due to control of lust over us.
We make psychologies which makes us comfortable but we cannot run from truth. Hope you understand . And get serious to fight and win.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Yes , and you complete the whole idea to be controle and our master of course …:bulb::+1:


hello guys I am new here and I never relapse after wet dreams and not watch porn too but I can give a suggestion that is weird but it works on me 80% so as I am saying try to wet your private part with cold water before sleep and it helps so much that I didn’t had wet dreams I think it can help you :slightly_smiling_face: I am just suggesting the choice is yours


Sure bro I will start bathing before sleeping also sometimes . Thanks for your tip

thx :relieved: so much you too