[NFMan] 2021 Challenge NFMan to a No PMO Streak and win together

Brother,As regards my highest streak,it was 19 months.this was only because of my Lord Almighty Allah SWT. urges were there always but I never reacted to them…i guarded my eyes.didnt watch any movie, music video,or Netflix,left social media.ultimate reason for breaking that streak was that i started watching videos on YouTube…i broke those rules that I have been following for over 1.5 years.that was October 20,2020.i started nofap and no pmo on march 23,2019.
I don’t remember my last two streaks.



:crossed_swords: @NFMan VS @krishvamsi30
:white_check_mark: 7 Days of no PMO
14th January 2021- 20st January 2021

:boom:GAME OF MILESTONES TARGET : 5d, 10d, 15d, 25d, 50d, 74d, 111d, 148d, 222d, 333d, 444d made by @chelex

:white_check_mark: New rank: B

Let’s do a 30 day challenge. InshaAllah

No fap Nightmare mode 30 days. Check telegram

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