Newest approach- no pmo ever simple trick

Hello Forum
Today I am Here to talk about A concept Idea Which Will NEVER MAKE YOU GO TO PMO AGAIN.
From the book- The Power of subconscious mind.

First of all, get this concept. Conflict between your desire and imagination is always won by your imagination.

Now for a simple analogy supporting this.

If i ask you to say walk across a wooden plank placed between 2 poles 20 feet above the ground - Would you go for it or not??

Well,It seems obvious that most of the people wouldn’t.
Now Why did you not accept the challenge
Cuz u were scared obviously,
Now what was the reason for you to get scared??
Was it a past failure to do something like this??

Mostly No as noone might have done that kind of activity probably before.

It was the FEARIn your imagination that u wud fall off,ryt??

Now connect this to the actual concept.
Desire- Cross the Bridge.
Imagination-Falling off the bridge.

Now what if u had never imagined such an outcome,
100% of the people with this mindset would cross the bridge.

Now think about this, a person who is new to any Nofap forum
No offense to any forum,please know.

He or she might not know about the period called flatline.
Now that person comes to know.
However, think about this.
Most of the people who relapse connect flatline as the reason of relapse.

Now think about a person who has started a new streak,he is scared every second of the upcoming flatline, scared to not break his streak.
But is it necessary?? NO

If you think every second that u r gonna encounter flatline- eventually u are.

However now have a different view.
Your subconscious mind knows no logic.
Fool your brain into 1 rational thing.

The art of imagining opposition is the greatest opposition cuz it is in the mind.
The mind is much more powerful brother.

People in the past have healed themselves from complete sickness to recovery- People have recovered from the worse diseases like cancer.

When you picture a recovered person- do u find him a negative or positive person??
A negative person cannot handle even the slightest cold,
A person who reminds himself of being healthy and happy cant be destroyed even by the worlds strongest diseases.

Like seriously brother people can recover from cancer just by fooling their brain into thinking about health.

An addiction should be nothing for you.

I dont want excuses saying it is the hardest most powerful addiction.

You are the result of Success of about 3 billion years of Freaking Years of Evolution.

Think not about The flatline or your next relapse.

Think yourself or visualize yourself having a year (365) days of Complete abstinence.
Whats that? You are in a flatline?
THERE IS NO FLATLINE.There is Harmony Success and Great life for you and me .

Pmo is never gonna ever be on your freaking device.
Get a wallpaper of the picture of your close ones on your device.
You are just going to have a good life.
Flatline is Like Nothing brother- 1000 posts about people relapsing on flatline is simply a Lie.

Tell ur mind this- stay away from just the thought of relapse, flatline and Pmo.

Think of this group itself as a support for being the best version of yourself- not a quit pmo addiction.
This is also one Big unseen concept about @Sahas brothers group- No negativity only positivity.

Why do some high streak people on Nofap get even higher??
Cuz some of them sometimes dont even count their days

Biggest opposition is the mind in this process, make it ur friend - YOU WILL NEVER RELAPSE AGAIN.

And get this
No Opposition= No Need forFight
No need for fight= Sweet Victory

Know this concept and you will be free of this cancer
Make that 6 inch headspace between your 2 ears your friend- you shall never face opposition.

And so You will never relapse ever again.

Note i did not wish to offend anyone- just help


To be very honest, I had never experienced any flatline, even after crossing 100 days.

I’ve read about flatline many times on this forum, but never experienced it myself and I used to wonder how it feels to be in a flatline state and why I never experienced that…

Well all this time, my focus was not only on
Nofap, but also on building other healthy habits as well (such as exercise, yoga and meditation) due to which I always remained energized. And I never worried about getting into flatline, so yes you are right, its all in our mind. Whatever we accept in our mind, it becomes our reality.


Great concept dude I’ll give it a try.
It seems good to me and makes sense


Actually I agree with you I also don’t believe in flatline but I also know that when you are low on will power giving it name of flateline and imagining that it will go away also helps …


Even Flatline is better than Day 0 situation… you can test it out … yourself.

Day 0 is … living hell…