Newcomer looks for friends!

Hi Everyone,
I just arrive in the forum, I look for buddies to exange with, challenges and support.
Keep up rewiring brothers, we’ll make it!

Sharing code - zni7pn *

Current streak - 2 days *
Highest streak - 11 days *
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - Canada

Why I want a companion - Mutual encouragement, sharing, motivation.


Hi there !
I too am new to this app and I would love to be your buddy for mutual support.

Sharing code: vvmh9j
Highest streak : 10 months ( was 4 years back, never again could I hold that long)
Age : 22
Gender : Male

The struggle is real. Keep fighting !

You can add me bro
Code: ij36fi

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Hi, cool, let’s do that together. Are you currently on a streak or are you planning to start one?

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Hey there,I’m also new here and looking for a companion as well…
Current streak: Day 1
Highest Streak:60 days
Add me!



Welcome brother, we will kick the habit together.

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Yeah , Let’s do this!!

All right guys, who’s up for a challenge, I’d suggest 40 days. Should we stard a new tread for it, du you guys know how does it work?

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I started 1 today. Lets do it together. :smile:
I’d suggest 90 days, cuz that’s how long you need to reboot yourself (usually).

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All right bro, 90 days lets go! Should we post it to the Challenges thread? I think we should use private messages if we have hard time, for support. I can’t garranty I’ll always be online and available at least we’ll try!

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Add me bros

Welcome man, want to join our 90 days challenge?

Add me: 19d423

Current streak is 1 day, but longest is 140. I want to get back there again.

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Hell yeah bro Tell me rules and regulations

Done, welcome brother. With determination and self-control infused in your mind all the time, you will get there, you will free yourself. I see you also invite the Master into your life, if you believe in his energy he will be there, he won’t do it for you, but he will be there, he will be there. You may think to be an imitation of Christ now, but there is a Christ in every human waiting to be awaken, you are He as He is You, as I am you also, we all do this together.

BTW guys, all of you he in this topic, you may not all be «believers» but it doesn’t matter, you can invite everything or everyone who inspire you to be with you(a god, a great person, a character, or like my grandfather who kicked off cigarettes one day even if he smoked several packs per day, and own a corner store and sells them all day long…), it can even be mere concepts (self-accountability, honnor, determination…) . By doing so, if its someone, you will feel a presence, a warm hand on your shoulder (thats metaphorical), and it could help to not feel alone in the struggle, or it will in some kind of way be downloaded in you if you keep it in mind regularly (for concept or what the admired person inspires)


It can also be a statement, an affirmation to be repeated throughout the day, thats the whole concept of a mantra, or a prayer, and its very well known in modern positive psychology.

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@Saiyaf 90 days, nofap and no porn, we write to each other in case of struggling. I will add you one the new topic.

Hi I am new too. Looking forward to Change my life now.
Sharing code- tyxiwi


Welcome aboard my friend.

You can follow me via my sharing code: z12r5l

You can also join our NoFap telegram group for peer support during urges and during the NoFap Journey:

Hey, I want to participate. My goal is 30 day without PMO. I know that it will be a hard path but I will fight my way trough. My Code is: 1fa705
M 18