Newboy rewire Diary

Day 1
Going do something just a little bit good and productive work.used mobile almost all day

Do nothing,just watch tv all day
Thinking of going cllg tomorrow.

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Day 2
It was a good day as compare to others study a little and watch a lot tv with family.

Feeling good and continue to be more good and productive.

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From when did u start this nofap journey. ?

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And what is ur aim of doing it?

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My aim is to conquer and it all started long ago I am on the forum for more than a year now.Have so many friends here.All the best brother we will beat this pmo evil inside us.Me vs Me

Day 3
It’s a good day
I study and learn
Use phone for about 6 hours
But half of the time for study
Now I am going to study
Byee.I am going to do the Manly thing everyday.

Day 4
It is not at all a good day
I just don’t study at all
Just watch useless you tube videos
No urges,but for watching YouTube for about 7 hours my eyes are paining.
This YouTube addiction is also problem
And yes wake up at 8 30 but my goal is 6 30
Will try tomorrow,I will do it not try.

Let me tell u something. I have had a huge phone addiction. I am overcoming it slowly. If u consider it a problem then use an app called Your Hour. It is just brilliant. Because I feel that Nofap is just a tool. Semen retention is a tool. We do no fap so that we don’t waste ourselves and our time so that we can improve ourselves make ourselves better. It is the best way to build self discipline. I feel that time saving is the biggest boon of nofap. So we should not just save time by not watching porn and masturbating but also use that time in bettering ourselves working towards our goal. Also find other problems which deter or prevent u from achieving ur goal. There must be like phone addiction, social media or youtube addiction or something like that . U must fight to stop them too. Not fapping is just a very small but very useful part in the journey of progress but surely it is not everything. Everyone has so many other problems, addictions and bad habits. Find them , write them down and demolish them one by one and work towards ur goal in life. Some say playing games is a way of stopping fap and porn addiction. I say it is absolute blshit. Keep urself busy but in some productive useful work


Thanks brother for your suggestion,I will definitely consider that app and keep my self busy cus it is the best way to stay away from negativity.We will definitely win over this evil,all the best.

This is what I also hate the most.

Sorry guys I can’t report about 5 and 6 day
Wake up a little late
No urges
Study 2 hours
Use phone 5 hours
wake up
Study and rest all day
No urges
Feeling good :blush:
Will win together.

Day 7
A lot of pressure related to study
No urges
Going to get up early in the morning
Watch India vs Pakistan match
India loses :persevere:
By the way a good at all
Going to improve myself
Day by day.

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A pretty good day
Learn some new things
Going to exercise from tomorrow
Change my daily routine
I used 4 hours phone today.
Waste so many time wandering here and there
Study 2 hours
No urges
I win

Day 9
I relapsed
Yes not to porn but some sexual YouTube videos
I have been binge watching YouTube videos
I have to get rid of YouTube addiction
I watch meaning less you tube videos and waste my whole day
But I am going to start again. Bad day for me