Newbie's questions

Starting restraining from P and M. Goal is to combat ED. It’s a recurring problem in my relationship that i need to adress before it’s too late. Have tried few timed before, but best I did was week without P&M. Currently came to the point of P&M one or two times a day. This needs to end. I find this habit a lot worse than quitting smoking. Which I succesfully had quit 2 years ago.

Exposition aside here’s few questions i have:

  • is making love with my partner a safe thing during NF? I don’t want to deny her.

  • could you and would you give some advice about working out? I’d like to substitute this habit with something healthy. Trying to become fit or otherwise to get in the shape and form seems to be good idea. However I don’t know where to start.

  • could you provide some basic knowlege about quitting habits? I didn’t need that when quitting smoking, but this is harder. Some tips how to restrain from habit would be helpful.

  • what strategy to take? Hard cutoff, bit by bit, or what else there is.

Hey man,
Thank you for joining us! I hope I can answer your questions.

  1. This is a tough one. It heavily depends on why you are approaching NF and if she or he is influenced by P and M as well. If that’s not the case, in my opinion you are more than good to go. What you try to avoid is getting turned on by ■■■■ instead of her, and when getting rid of ■■■■ is step one, making love and rewiring in this direction would be step two. However, if you also have problems with your or both of your sexualities being influenced by what is shown and practiced in ■■■■, maybe stopping at all for a while would be safer.

  2. I, as a person who was never really into sports or workout, found the website fitnessblender and their YouTube channel extremely helpful. As far as i can judge they advertise a pretty healthy lifestyle that differs from the “go to the gym and get wasted for 3 hours” mentality seen a lot these days. They also have some instructional videos on how to eat or how often and much to workout.

  3. A tough one again. I’d recommend lurk around the forum a bit. There are some basics that don’t apply to some people, so I think you should take from here what you can but also always take your own personality in account.
    The most basic thing I can provide is that a habit is always fought with other, more healthy habits. Humans are not made for boredom.

  4. Last but not least, your strategy depends on what your starting point is, what you want to accomplish or change, how you as an individual in general work like… You might try with a slow approach, and reflect on if or why it doesn’t work, then go a bit more towards hard mode. Always watch yourself along the journey, you won’t change if you don’t know yourself good enough :slight_smile:

So, hope this helps. Good luck, and keep us posted on your success or development! Maybe start a diary or add some of us as Companions! Cheers


Try Wendler 531 if you want to be big and strong. Basic Templates flote around the Internet. Did BBB and got a lot of muscle and strength from it.

Otherwise try Yoga or gymnasitc Bodies if you want to be more flexible and move better.

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