Newbie (PMO) looking for a Companion

Hi, I am Lyon, 27 M. This is the first time I am doing no PMO. Currently on 18 day. My initial target is 90 days. Looking for a companion for this Journey.

Sharing code - 1b1lb3

Current streak - 18 days
Highest streak - 18 days
Age - 27
Gender - M
Location - AUS

Why I want a companion - To motivate each other.


Hi lyon…
You can message me if you want

Hello! I recently joined here. (Well… recently re-joined.) I’m detailing my journey in my blog, which is also on this website. Although I’m in what is essentially the opposite time zone (Eastern US), there is a good amount of time in either the morning or the evening where we can talk. If you’d rather find someone who will be more available during your daytime should you need help controlling urges, I completely understand. I hope at the very least we can remain in contact, keeping each other updated of our streaks and encouraging each other that way.

Here is my sharing code: ic3pvh
I’m also willing to share my discord, kik, or whatsapp, although I’d prefer to do those in a more private setting if possible.

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