Newbie looking 4 company

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Age - 22
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Location - RU

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Just started today. I know how it feels, Lets fight ourselves together. I have been fapping for 10 years, tried to stop it more times but always fall. I feel the emtiness, sickness, weakness that masturbation effect on me. Its time to become free. Noone can told me i cant. The decisions we made making you human, not an animal following unconditioned reflexes and lust. Talking 2 you i can rise my english level, do impossible thing for me- stop masturbating and , i hope, give you a halpful hand to keep going on this road. We can make this all, the count is started. A new life is waiting for us

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I’m 21, location-IN. Let’s fight together bro

Use my sharing code cf294c to add me.
Or send me yours,- i’ll send invite


Here is my code. I am on day 4. Canada. I willadd you guys.

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