Newbie at workouts

Hey peeps, I’m going to start workout at home and I don’t have any equipments. I’m 18 yrs old and my height is 1.63m and weigh around 49kg

I have not done workout ever in my life and I want some guidance from where to start, when to do, how to do, what to eat to gain muscles and all that stuff.

Are there any exercises, nutritive foods or steroids which can make me taller too? Because you know my height is not very impressive, and I’m even shorter than my father. My body didn’t grow properly because I was very choosy with what I eat and lacked nutrition in my growing years, and also I fell sick most of the time due to low immunity.

I just want to make my body much more attractive, like I want to gain decent muscles at least.

I request some of the more experienced people to guide me :pray:


Regarding home workouts without equipment I suggest you to use adidas training app, it has a variety of workouts targeting different parts of body, you can even customise your workouts, and most of it is available free of cost.


Yeah, I was thinking about using some apps… There’s plenty of good ones that people say worked for them

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Bro, first of all, you’re 18 yo, so if I’m being frank, it will be tough for you to grow any taller. But you can grow, I have seen some guys grow suddenly around 18. You should try sports such as basketball, volleyball, cycling and most importantly swimming. As for nutrition, increase the amount of protein in your diet. Eat as many pulses as you can, eat paneer, curd and if possible then egg. If you are a non vegetarian then include fish in your diet immediately. In vegetables, eat green leafy vegetables, grams, peas and as many vegetables as you can (in their more natural forms, preferably boiled and salted) . In bread, you can include rotis made up of maize flour, ragi floyr and whole wheat flour. I’ll recommend you to download some calorie counter to keep track of your food. On website of Jeremy Ethier, you can check for free how much you should eat and which macronutrient in which proportion.
Ok, so what you can do at home.Since, you are targetting for muscle gain, I’ll recommend doing different forms of pushups. But since you are new to it, so start with simple pushups. Begin with smaller numbers, like 5 reps and then increase it gradually. Do some yoga, eg, chakrasana, padasana, etc, they are known to increase height. Then, most importantly, buy a pull up bar and start hanging on it. Don’t worry if you can’t do pull ups, just keep hanging. That will help you increase muscle mass as well as may help with your height growth.
Don’t get discouraged if your height doesn’t grow bro. A few inches cannot make a man bigger or other smaller. Its essentially our deeds which define our greatness.


I’ll add that you eat properly bro. And download an app called home workout. It’ll help you in doing exercises at home.



Good plan bro, exercie is always good practice. I can give you some notes, but I am in no way profesional in this field.

  1. I personally use Fitify app, where you can create your own workouts and add new tools (if oyu have any). For counting calories you ca use MyFitnessPal app.

  2. Main problem for I can see in good postures during exercise as you might hurt yourself if you will practice exercise wrong way. Main advice here is “hold your back always straight, like if someone will pull you for your hair” and take care. If you can have someone who wil show you main moves during workout, this will be best.

  3. To gain some height, as I mentioned in point 3, just practice be straight all the time. Walking, sitting, workout etc. It will become your second nature over time.

@vickyx first of all, DUDEEEE! WTF? YOU ARE SEVERELY UNDERWEIGHT FOR YOUR AGE! my first suggestion is to eat as much as possible.bif you are not in a caloric surplus then forget gaining any muscle.

But since you are a newbie, you will gain muscle faster. So workout, don’t do cardio! Focus on bodyweight training! Start small! It’s very important that you start small but remain consistent. If you go all out one day and rest for a week then, you won’t see a lot of improvement! Keep progressive overload in mind. That is you increase the workout every time you do it! For example, say you do 10 pushups today. Then next time you do pushups do like 11 0r 12 or how much you can! And also, since you are a beginner, do full body workouts. Study shows that’s full body is best for noobs. Start with 3 times a week for a month. Then bumb it up to 4, 5 and 6 as time goes.

Now the most important part! Nutrition!
I recommend you use the app healthify me. It will help you with keeping track of what you eat. Once you download, they will ask you set goal. Set for weight gain and you’ll fill in your details. Height weight etc. And activity level as well. Once they do that they’ll give you your caloric expenditure per day. You need to hit the caloric target or go beyond that. And maintain it. Eat atleast 100 grams of protein a day. Preferably animal protein! Chicken, mutton, fish, beef, pork, eggs and milk. Our of all of these whatever you can consume, do it! Vegetarian options are available such as pulses, soybeans etc. But not as effective as non veg options and gives you a fuck lot of gas. Eat a lot! I mean make sure you somehow hit the target for the day. Don’t eat junk though! Stick to homemade food! Don’t take steroids ever! You can try out protein powder, if you constantly fail to hit the target! Make sure you log in everything you eat into the food tracker option in the app! Each meal you have has to be logged in, don’t forget!

I’ll link the workout series I posted earlier someday, in case you wanna give that a try. I’ll also link a full body workout routine by athlean X. It’s what I started out with. I recommend you give it a try! I’ll also link another two you tube videos that’s good for beginners! And also do your research! There’s a lot of content on YouTube. Search in the channel anabolic aliens, it has dope 5 minutes hiit workouts that’s super effective! So do give it a search!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if you have!


These two videos combine to make an awesome full body workout! Try it out

Hello @vickyx

It depends on what your fitness goals are, what you want to workout for, how much time you can/want to invest and what resources you have. Start with doing some research, there’s plenty of information out there.

Let’s say with lots of resources (financial, enough space) you could get a squat rack, a bench, dumbbells etc. and work on something like a 5x5 program for beginners. That’s one way to learn the essential compound movements.

With less resources, I’d rather recommend a body weight training approach with some equipment like a set of small and bigger bars for different push/pull/leg(assistance) exercises. There are some examples on reddit for different programs, I believe. Even without equipment, body weight training offers many options.

Regarding nutrition, I’d say read some stuff online and listen to your body, what works for you. Some people feed themselves like “foie gras” (google “foie gras making”…) just for the gains but is it really healthy?

Don’t worry about your height. With confidence, it won’t matter.

Take care.


Good that you mentioned Athlean X , I have also learned a lot from him. Also for healthify me, bro @vickyx , I have a coupon code which can give you a 33% extra discount if you purchase a plan on healthifyme. Its of no use to me, but if you want it, then let me know.


Thanks for your advice guys. I’ll keep updating time to time.

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@GOVIND-19 You talk about him being underweight bro, I am going to be 18 this year, and my weight is, 42 kg.
@vickyx if something workes for you in gaining weight. Please do tell me. Because I am tried of trying everything to increase my weight.
Best of luck bro

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Oh good lord! How skinny are y’all?
Bro for y’all nutrition is the most important, workout is secondary. You have to eat like your lif depends on it! Have a 4000 calorie diet or something :joy:.

No but seriously, use healthify me for tracking your nutrition! It’s super helpful!


Brother, @GOVIND-19 many people say that, doing workout can harm you if you do in a wrong way, also I have heard that doing workout can stop your height growth. I don’t know whether it’s true or not. But many people around me told not to join gym. First grow in height :sweat_smile:
What do you say about this brother ?

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It can stop your height if you lift weights, but home workouts will not stop it at all bro😂

Yes proper form while working out is super not only prevent injuries but can also help in gaining muscle! Now I can’t explain proper for for each exercise here, that’s just too much work. All the information you need is available on YouTube bro. If you are gonna follow athlean X workouts then it’s covered for you. That guy explains everything including form!

Now about height! Nope it’s a myth that working out reduces height or prevents people from growing taller. It’s illogical! How is you working out your bisceps or triceps gonna affect your height? What these people refer to is overhead presses! When you go heavy on over head presses, it can affect your spine, but nobody does it super heavy! The only over head press exercise people do is for their shoulders and they reduce the weight to be safe! So don’t worry! It will not reduce your height!

But if you do want to increase your height then focus on exercise where there is a stretch and expansion of the spine! Just hang on a bar, add weights as you progress, play volleyball, basketball or badminton! Swimming is like the best thing you can do for overall growth!

But like I said before all comes down to nutrition! Eat a fuck load of healthy food!


Can you please tell me how can i reduce my belly fat?

I am 15 years old. 5ft 9 inches tall and 65 kg.

For your age and height your weight is proper!:+1::+1:

I’m gonna be completely honest with you, you cannot reduce body fat in a particular area of the body. It simply doesn’t work that way. You can reduce the total body fat but unfortunately for everyone, the fat around the belly and lower back is the most stubborn out of all! Your body fat will first reduce in your arms and legs, then shoulders,back and chest and ultimately your stomach. So in order to reach there you have to burn fat consistently for a long period of time!

Now the only way you can burn body fat is by remaining in a caloric deficit! What I mean by that is, if you spend2500 calories a day, then you must eat less than 2500 calories like 2300 or somewhere around that number everyday to constantly burn fat.

Here again, nutrition is the most important. Making sure that you remain in a caloric deficit is super important! You can use healthify me, and set goal as weight loss and can track food! It’s a super useful app honestly!

Now when it comes to working out, you are 15 right now and honestly, just playing outside, everyday or going for a jog or playing some sport consistently is good enough. But I do recommend you start lifting weights but slowly, progressing! Studies show that the best way to burn fat is resistance training or weight training! But it’s contravercial since weight training is basically for building muscle but if don’t eat enough you will not build muscle but actually deteriorate them!

What I honestly suggest you to do is not fat loss but actually building muscle! You are very young and your hormones are at it’s peak! Don’t waste it on losing fat! At your age, you will build muscle like a beast! Lift weights, eat a lot, maintain a caloric surplus and you’ll see amazing results!

I do remember a study done on young people showing that you can actually build muscle and lose fat at the same time! So focus on building muscle! You will become bigger and stronger and later if you end up putting a lot of fat, only then consider losing fat! Your priority should be to build muscle!

Hope this helped

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But i only eat sweets all day.:cold_sweat: