New wariors join up

Hello everyone. I relapsed today but a new warior is born and it will not give up. Looking for some more fighting spirits.

My companion code : e6591a
My current streak: 0

Come join me from the start

Added you pal. We will fight and win for sure

@SeeMo @anon9232166 Added both, we will overcome this guys


Bro share your code ill add you also

Hey :wave:, added you. Here’s mine : e46caa. Let’s go!


@overstar118 just read your current status. I know this too. So weird :smiley:

Done bro. We will fight together

Hey I added u…let’s deal with this together

Hey added you 1861da let’s do it together

Hey I have added you … My code 1861da … I am on the day 51

Ah cool, added you too

9ff623 just relapse. Let’s struggle together and be warrior

aa194b add me i’m new

cf164f; add me, I’m new
Keep fighting guys

Here is mine 5efe19… 18 days streak

My Sharing code - 9ddeb0
Current streak - 50 days
Highest streak - 50 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - Agra UP india