New Version 2.11

Hello companions!
The new version of NF Companion app is out now!

(Version 2.11) Changes -

  • Added forum in the app
  • Some bug fixes

Reply to this topic if there are issues with the update or if you want to give any suggestion.

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Great update!
BTW, this app is evolving very fast.

Some issues I’ve found:

  • Sharing code has stopped working. First, it appears blank and shows a toast “Invalid token”. Then, when I tried to generate a new code, it showed a toast “null” and kept displaying “generating code…” forever.
  • can’t change my avatar picture using the integrated forum
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  1. Will look into sharing code bug, is it still hapenning now or it happens once in a while?
  2. I’m looking into it, currently any type of file upload is not possible from the integrated forum.

Sharing code is back! Thanks

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