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So, I just got the app, and trying to find more motivation and hopefully some companions from fellow Christians. I have had an addiction since I was around 9 and I only broke my cycles for a couple years, reaching steaks of 6 months. But the last 6 months I am back to where I used to be and I want to break my habits again. HMU please

Edit: he aprendido español también! Te hablo los detalles luego, pero ya está tarde y quiero dormir :joy:

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Hola, yo soy español. Te invito a visitar mis topicos y a unirte a mi nuevo grupo de What’s App.
Mi codigo de amigo es 65feff, ya te he añadido a mi lista de acompañeros en la app.

PD: No soy cristano.

Hola, yo soy colombiano, and I can’t talk in English if you want hahahahaha
My sharing code is gzg8qb.
I’m Catholic, the kind of Catholics that goes beyond of just going to mass, and pray, praise and worship God. So, I can understand you well.

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