New to this. Plz add

I am new to this. Want to get to 1 year goal of no fap. Imma do it. Plz add me : uxpf6r

I rest my case.

I’m new too!! Welcome‼️

I joined today 5 hrs …is it your 4 days going fine ?

I am also new only 5 hrs is it your 7 days going fine

Yes Man, but Is hard… I have several thinkings in my head all the Time… I’m keeping busy to Don’t fall…

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1- stop social media , it causes depressions and it is the first reason of any urge especially Instagram, tiktok and twitter

2- install porn filter to prevent any accident

3- remember the days , times and the reasons of past falls and prevent it from happening.

4- remember what you have done already and it will fade if you just relapse a single time .

5- be sure that after a period of time it will be more easier

6- remember that you hate porn

7- don’t touch any private parts

8- don’t think about any sexy thing

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You know whenever I got urge I urgently change the atmosphere get a cold bath …do it whatever the case don’t open porn …watch movie or do any thing go to sleep busy whatever the case but don’t open porn

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