New to this place, an introduction of myself

Hello everyone, I was looking at addiction recovery forums and somehow stumbled upon rewire companion, I am 18 years old and about to turn 19,
I am heavily addicted to porn to the point it feels hard to go just a single day without it, I first stumbled upon porn in 2015 or late 2014 and i am addicted to it since then, my addiction is so severe that I spend hours looking at porn every single day, and This is negatively impacting every aspect of my life, whether it be my academic stuff and physical or mental health, I have depression, due to my addiction it’s really hard to work too and do anything since i spend hours on it every day and on top of that i have ADHD and OCD disorders.
I am also lonely, it seems everything in life is against me, But I am determined to fight till the very end. My highest streak in recent years is only 5 days, I came here to surround myself with people who suffer with the same thing, as they can help me and give me advice and envourage me too,
I am new to this app and forum but if someone would like to become my accountability partner or ally (or whatever its called in this app) i would really appreciate it, do let me know if you’re down.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post :slight_smile:


Hey man!
I’m about to turn 19 as well, have ADHD, depression, and have been addicted to masturbation since 2015. Haven’t watched porn though. We can be accountability partners. :blush:


Sure let us add each other,
5f7zu5 is my code

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All the best my friend, we’ll overcome this addiction soon…

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