New to this journey

Hey there, I am new th nofap. Please give me suggestions what to do and what not. What are main triggers except p*rn.


Search for books on this topic ull find many suggestions in this forum once you search for them

I started with the book breaking the cycle by George Collins

Reading helps a lot start reading it’s not necessary to read regarding a specific topic you can also read regarding things you like

Reading on addiction to porn and how to overcome is also beneficial there are many books that explains the biology behind it so you can tackel it practically instead of blaming your self


Welcome to the community and congrats on wanting to seize control of your life!

I would suggest reading through this old topic on here. It’s a compilation of a bunch of tips and advice from other users on here.

Lets make it easier for new ones. Need your help

Good luck on your journey!

Hey and welcome :wave:

A good starting point for me was reading the Easy Peasy book. You can find the book here, it’s free:

I got some handy insights out of it.

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It is a very nice book i have rad it half

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Indeed! I really suggest reading it in full. I found the most interesting parts to be close to the end …