New to this app but old on this journey

Hello No fappers … Its the time for change :roll_eyes::hugs:

I’m down for change, add me. 6e9349

I’m up too!
Add me
Sharing code - 77b4ee

Hey all, let’s do this!

Let’s fight guys this is my code 798fe5

Added you all
Code : 8c4147

Age 22
Location: Ireland

Lets do this together! ab752c

Added every single one of you guys @the_alpha_wolf @aaronxswq5 @commanderroot03 @ruz92 @WildZealot can’t wait to start fighting with all of you!


2018 is the year, I can feel it. I’ve never been this prepared to succeed. Let’s do this guys! Super Saiyan time hehe
Male 24 USA
Excited to take part in this journey together (: namasté


Good luck to all of you loving friends inthis journey


22 M USA
Let’s reach our goals make ourselves proud.

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I want in

Hey, Im joining the battle as well. Currently, my streak is 0, but I wanna come back on track 2259e7

I want help too, I’ve been struggling for 4 months and I can’t make it more than 12 days. Can you guys help me? My code is 4i4jql

Mee too new here but v old to journey I’m 21.
My code ricgl66

Please add me too.
Let’s help & support each other in fighting this demon in ourselves.
9218f1 sharing code.