New to rewire companion

I’ve been addicted to porn for 6 years and want to come out of it. Can someone please guide me how to use this app?

Thanking you


Hi! I’m a newbie too. Can I make u my companion? Then we can challenge each other.

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Sure. Please add. I’d love to be your companion.

Done. I’ve made you my companion. But, I’m kinda new to this. Hence, I don’t know how to challenge.

Thank you for that! Tbh I don’t how to challenge as well. But let’s see…if we msg each other after a week about how may relapses we did. The one to relapse the least wins


What is relapse? I dont know

Relapse is probably masturbation…well I should Google the meaning first…but it must be that

Relapse is ending the streak by masturbating.

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Well, but …
Then we don’t have to endure anything for 90 days or longer

And you failed

I am try Hard Mode for 90days, now its 89 :smiley:


Could you tell me how to use the Hard Mode? Is it some function in this app?

Sorry but Could you give me your sharing code? I couldn’t find it. I want to follow you.

I don’t think it’s in the app

it’s about:
-No masturbation
-No porn
-no sex
-90 days

I guess I think so


Hmm…it surely seems hard. Thnx btw

I have a girl for sex but I have problems

So you r probably older than me😅

well a have 25 … where is in the app code ? i forgot :smiley:

If you followed the tutorial correctly then you should be following yourself. You can find your account in the companions section. There you click on the three dots in the right side. You will get the option for copying the code.
Sorry if my explanation was confusing.

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Check this out.

You’re right. It’s no PMO.

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Same here. I’m not able to find it too.