New Start , New Journey

Day 0.
Hey everyone , I am new to this community and I want to change myself and be a better person . I know I have a problem and the first step is to acknowledge it and accept the harmful effects it has.

I have decided to do a 7 day challenge and will post my everyday progress. Please help me out and support me , I’ll be really grateful .

I know I have a problem and need to overcome it.
I have identified my triggers and it is during late nights before I sleep.
I do it when I’m really tired after performing a task that requires lot of concentration just to free my mind. This however does help me relax but I know that using it to just to relax yourself is definitely not the right way to proceed and I need to try other things to relax.

I have read online that it’s better to replace it with other habits so as to stop thinking about the harmful ones.
So if you have any advice or suggestions that can help me stop thinking about the harmful habits and

My aim is

  1. Completely eliminate the bad habits which cause addiction and replace them with good and healthy ones.
  2. Start exercising to be fit and healthy.
  3. Support other members in this community and help them overcome and grow.
  4. Eat healthy and drink enough water every day.

Day 1
Day was successful , I put my efforts into learning and working towards my goals.
I drank enough water and exercised today
I didn’t have any urges today.
Need to wake up earlier than usual maybe before 7
So I’ve decided wake up before 7 for 7 days , it even sounds good :slight_smile: .
Hope I receive some support from community.


Good luck brother.
I suggest you get a sleeping routine before you sleep. For eg, mine is take a poop, take a bath (no washing the hair), eat a banana, feed the fishes, pray and meditate for 10 minutes, urinate then sleep. (All this in that order.) I start all these at 10 PM and sleeps at 11 PM everyday.
Make a routine for yourselves. In time, it will help you sleep well and may help you in your addiction


Thank you. I’ll come up with a routine and update and see what suits me well.

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