New start and new beginning of SAMURAI

I am starting a new diary
My current streak is 3 days
I want to stay consistent in my no fap journey
My other goals are
I want to go gym daily
Due to work and my laziness i avoid it .
Before this day , i go to the gym 2 days a week but i want to go 6 days a week to build a good physique. And it also helps me to control my emotions and avoid pmo…


I will try to update my streak and diary daily to motivate myself :smile:


My current streak -5 days
Gym :muscle:- :white_check_mark:

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Current streak -7 days
Gym - :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:
Damnnnn that back workout :skull::fire:. Going gym makes me feel confident. I wanna feel confident :muscle:. That’s why i will rise and grind daily

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That’s a great attitude. I am 55 but my body looks like I am 20 because I stay fit, most of physique came from my +1000 day streak that changed my body by using sexual energy for productivity and self improvement.


Your physique looks good man :muscle::fire:

22 june 2022
Current streak -8 days
Gym -:white_check_mark:

Current streak -9 days
Gym- :white_check_mark:

I again relapse after 9 days
After 702 dayss streak My streaks are
7,8 and now 9 .
I want to make big streak but my urges are so high when i completed one week. I have to control them

Starting from zero.
Current streak -0

Gym and no fap are my biggest challenge right now . I want to complete these challenges . I know i say these before and i break my promise to u all . But i will make these time and prove myself

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