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whats up. I’m new here. ive been masturbating daily(sometimes multiple times per day) for as far back as I can remember. I also struggle with porn. I am doing this to make my marriage better. I’d appreciate any help with accountability or talking through urges. my addiction is bad, to the point that my mind is even trying to sexualize this experience. it is ruining my relationship, friendships, motivation and energy. I am to embarrassed to see a therapist so this seems to be my best option. Thanks in advance.


Ok let’s win this together buddy.


Hi Brother,

How ones journey begains doesn’t matter all that much but, how one tendency to be a better person does. Please keep this in mind it’s NOT a race and keep your mind on the goal not the distractions between you and your wife. In fact bring her along the SEMEN RETENTION journey may be your best decision yet.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.

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I told my wife about it this morning. She doesn’t really understand how this will change anything, but she isn’t against it. I am not cutting her off securely, rather doing this to save myself FOR her. I appreciate the advice.

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