New member and beginner at it

I am 28y M
Just started this journey of no fap , i want to stop this ; i need help hence a companion or sponsor so that i can stop and make this habit of porn and masturbation insignificant.
My code is 26b939 need an open minded fellow traveler in this journey


Hey add me my code is 343ac3 we can start a closed group and continuously check on each other

I too there for u friends.
We can fight it together

My code is 7bc291

Nice think we all neex this

yesterday was tough i wanted to browse many times but they just remained at thought level not even started typing, damn even telling about it now feels good. the reason i stopped was i didn’t want to break the streak.

I know exactly how that feels, i get it allthe time, i want to get passed 10 days, idlness just kills me. And your right, it does feel good to talk about it. Its my first time having companions in this thing, i really want us to make it through 10 days then 20, then 30. Lets keep posting daily status updates. That way we can keep ourselves from destroying ourselves.

Abd because your helping me out, i consider you guys like family, if you lose i lose, do not relapse, for the three of us are here. Post every day, reply, and find hobbies, remember, we keep accountability, and remember, you lose i lose.

From masterbating 5 times a day to no fap for 5 days
Growing strong with each day

Friends, everything can be achieved by strong mind and willpower.
And we three are strong enough to fight the urge and porn addiction
Let’s be confident and motivated of a better tomorrow

Hi there brothers. I wanna join your nofap family. Add me up with code:1bc9a1

As the days passes the urge decrease but the hunger is always there , you become short tempered (as if i didn’t have short fuse already) and worst part is you can’t talk to anyone (except doctor if you are seeing one) about it. We are a part of narrow minded, tunnel vision society. Where people are ready to share the life of celebrity, useless information and myths but rather act on what’s necessary. It’s a disease but you can’t discuss with anyone. Thanks to platform like this i can share some of my thoughts. 5 days still going strong.

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Add me my friend i’m 28 years old too i want to join too my code is 0a1038

911904 add me.stay strong nofap

For the last time i relapsed, for the last time. This time i will add parental controls on my phone, hide the password in a envelope that says ppl are here, one moment of pleasure is not worth it, its not the real thing. The mistake of one minute will make me lose all progress in the gym.


Today was pretty chill, i was fixing my car, ate good food, and i plan to sleep at 9pm, tomm, will finish fixing my car, start reading a book, and never relapse, soon talk to a real woman. 22 hours.
Thanks guys, lets try to keep logs of ourselves.
Days completed too

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Keep at it man, please dont relapse, i dont want to hear about it, think of other things, things that will allow to get a real woman. Also, become someone better at the heart than anyone else, better yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually. Regilus, theres power in us gaining control. Theres no need to masturbate, its not a real person, nothing real.

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Thanks for the motivation rocky, i hope we never relapse again, its dark, sad and depressing. Theres no need for it. We just completed one day guys, lets not waste it

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Wow so theres 3 new members, welcome, please a little intro, current days too guys. Try to leave a daily log of activites, i believe if we do this, we can really beat the habit. As we talk our hearts out, i feel relieved, hopefully u guys too. Thanks for joining

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Hey guys im sal age 24
Im on day 2

Hello, my name is Pjet. In 16 years old and Just started this nofap journey and need some companions. My code is 6000ed in almost 2 days off porn and fapping.