New here, need help

Hi, I’m new here and I’m pretty much lost of how this forum/app works, any help will be apreciated. I’ve been into PMO since I’m 16 years old, I’ve had streaks without P for like 4 or 5 months but couldn’t last more than 4 days without MO. I’m sick of this never ending cycle controlling my life, this time I want to do everyting is in my hands to beat this. I want to be serious this time. So, nice to meet you all!

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Hello fellow companion,
I understand. For me, I thought P was not hard but it’s the MO. But you must realize p*rn is not just the videos. The fantasies you have in your mind that cause the MO are the same things you’ve learned from watching those videos.
It’s not difficult to quit. What’s difficult is making the decision to quit. But you can do this with God’s help. A fellow companion (whom if you know him, he really does enjoy sharing this book. And you know why? Because he cares and knows the struggles.) had recommended a book to read which is very helpful. I suggest reading:

#rmarkdown #bookdown

Also, read stories and talk with your fellow companions!
But of the same gender. While you may think someone of the opposite gender may help you. It’s very easily to fall into a very deep trap.
Much love from your fellow brother!


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