New here.. need a companion

Sharing code - vxujd8

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 80 days

New here… wanna try out with a brah. I don’t know how this works but just help me out here guys. Let’s kill this habit…


Well i wanna try too
Ur shaing code is invalid

Sry bro… here it is vxujd8. Share yours tol

Here’s mine
I have added u

Done mate… where you at

I just had a relapse
Dont know what and why i was thinking nonsense

Don’t worry it happens. Stay stronger this app giving me good feels .

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Yes this is an amazing app with amazing people
Filled with encouragement


I believe this app is the only way that can free me from pmo

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I feel the same bro
The people here are awesome😁

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I wanna try too
My code iakjkc
Current streak 2 days
Highest 14 days
Together we will

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certainly for most of us… I never imagine in my life that I can reach streak of 26 days… Before this app… I must say this app comes in my life as a Magic… The community members can do magic wizards that make me able to get streak of 26 days…
certainly I hope everyone comes here will go for NoFap forever… Lets begin to destroy this addiction with this amazing community.


My code is 690kqk join me Asap

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