New here , Hello everybody

I have been using porn for like over a decade , almost nearly half of my life. I have realized that it has brought nothing to my life, but made me lose almost everything that I’ve ever had or I could have had. It interfered with my studies, my brain, my career… it made me sick, it made me crazy.
In 2018, my first serious attempt to overcome this addiction began and instantly, it began to show benefits. In between March-May, I had my longest streak of nearly 50 days but then I relapsed and things suddenly changed for worse. However, I regained my consciousness and was almost completely clean till like Sep, 2019.
But since then, things have been going downhill constantly. I cannot talk to anybody around because of my introverted, closed and shy nature.
Last month, i.e., in October 2020, I gave probably the most important exam of my life. I had given my everything for the exam. Tbh , I was so busy for 2 months preceding the exam that I couldn’t even do anything else. But that practice was unsustainable and ultimately when all my hopes were crushed, I fell prey to porn again and now in the way like I’ve never been before. I can hardly remember reading anythin in nearly 2 months, I can’t focus at anything anymore and I’m constantly feeling depressed, secluded, lonely, unmotivated and wasted.
The reason why I’m here is because this morning, after doing it once, I realized I seriously and completely need to overcome this addiction in order to become a useful and better person. I am here in hope to conquer it all by bringing this one radical change in my life. This time, I’m gonna give my all and will try to make sure that I never relapse ever again in my life. I need to keep going on. .
I hope it helps.
Thank you for letting me share it. This means a lot.
Have a wonderful time ahead, everyone. Take care.


Welcome my brother. Lets support each other to win this battle.

Add me as your companion


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Welcome to the forum brother.

As i read your bio… yes you have found the right app…

Everything will be fine!! We are leaving this addiction for sure…

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