New here. h24 nofap

Hi everyone, I’m Fabri from EU, not English native speaker. I decided to stop fapping because this addiction is ruining my life someway. Feeling sad, depressed and not motivated doing anything. After fapping I just feel a bad person. I do this practice one or twice a day from almost 5 years, watching harder and weirder videos everyday. I want to get free from this sh*t. It become an addiction.

Current streak - 1
Age - 34
Gender - M
Location - EU

I need a companion to talk with when I feel weak and not motivate to go on, I’ll do the same with my new friend. I think I’ll start a diary on here to mark my progress.

Keep going guys we will reach our goal!


Their is always this community here for you to help…Brother first uninstall your social media apps…Then it will be easy moving forward

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Hi bro, dou you mean Instagram above all? Well you’re complitely right. Today I’m only using my phone and Tab just to write here or listening to music. I’m scared to open a browser too. I know what it could happen if some breasts or butt appeared in the home :neutral_face:

Yes …Nothing should trigger you anymore if you uninstall them…In my case I relapsed 90% mostly on insta fb etc or trigger from those platforms end up in watching the demon…So You Should Uninstall Them…And remember make a purpose of your life try to work on that… and one more dont forgot to meditate everyday it will help your recovery fast…


Yeah Brother always be vigilant in your daily routines…and also carefull when using phone…If you cannot concentrate on nothing then start some online games which have no 18+ contents…so that you can kill some time…But I will mostly recommed you to work on your goals in life


yeah I agree with @josephvt, it’s usually other thinks that triggers us. One small thing I did is leave my phone when I go to the bathroom, this might be small but it gets me some momentum so, later one when I want to check social media i’ll start to think twice.

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Thanks guys. The harder thing is not to have dirty thoughts. I like (until yesterday) to watch photos instead of videos. And today, my first day, I feel as obsessed with that. I remember pics I watched and I’m just trying to hold on. Is it so difficult at the beginning to remove those images from the brain? I seem to go crazy. I did fap twice a day for years and years every fuc***g day.
Because of Covid’s consequences I’m not working since months. I’m bored af, this doesn’t help me at all

I wanna try meditation but I really don’t know how to start.

Dirty thoughts always remain difficult to get rid of. They’re like a small fire. You can either let it die out, or you can add fuel to the fire, and make it burn larger. It’s difficult and requires a lot of discipline, but the feeling you get from beating an urge or thought like this is much better than how you feel if you give in. This is long-term happiness, because you’re able to control what you are doing. Isn’t that crazy? This addiction gets you to the point where you can’t control your OWN actions.

I can’t express how big of a step this is. You are taking control of your life.

Starting meditation is a great idea! Look up “guided meditation” to get started. Headspace app is good to get started. You have to pay later on, but the beginning lessons help you understand what to do.

Good luck!
You’ve come to the right place


try headspace, you can choose a 3 minutes session to start, and it will guide you on what to do during meditation

Start meditation for 5 minutes and then increase it slowly it will take some days to getrid of the dirty thoughts wait and stay stonger

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It’y day 1 too
We could be friends

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Thanks guys for your support. Sadly I failed this morning… I woke up with a “big problem” and thoughts. I was going crazy… So I held on just for less than 2 days. Is that common to have a relapse during the first attempt? I feel an idiot. I feel like the biggest porn addicted man of the planet. But i’m gonna try again and again…


It happens man. When I ended my 195 day streak I relapsed for two weeks, every day. The urges never really end. All you can do is become mentally stronger in order to not act upon them. My first time, about a year ago, lasted one week. Then a lot of 10-20 days streaks came, and then, with me being absolutely pissed off at myself for relapsing every week for months on end, I went for over half a year. It definitely helps a lot to be busy, and have something to focus on. Now that I’m home, it’s more difficult than when I was going to school. I stay busy with workouts 1-2h a day now, and the rest is sleep, eating (I am trying to gain weight), socialising and work on some days. This summer I’ll be working whole weeks, which I think will really help.

In the early stages of your nofap adventure, try to find out as much as you can about nofap. Browse the forums, look up videos, read stories…

A fun thing I’ve found is to keep a dream diary, where you write down what you remember from your dreams right as you wake up. You forget 90% of your dreams after 15 minutes. If you write them down, you’ll remember them better. Dreams help you learn more about yourself.
When you’re on nofap, you’ll have really vibrant dreams. It’s amazing. When I relapsed last time, I didn’t have dreams for one night again. Then they came back. In the beginning it will take longer, but they will come. It’s pretty amazing to experience.

Keeping track of your dreams will help you control your wet dreams, which will in turn help you not to relapse. After a wet dream, I always get urges.

Take care,
You’re making progress!


No problem it happens I tried 4 or 5 streaks to reach a stable position…Stay Strong and tell your brain go and fuck yourself…Brain is the bullshit which is killing us


The stuff you said about dreams made me remind that I often had lucid dreams, but in the last years during my addiction it never happened again…

Anyway… I did my workout today as always and everything went OK. The challenge is in some hours when I have to go to sleep… I downloaded an app for meditation. I use it before bed. I hope it will help.
I think I’m on the good way… Finger crossed. Thanks bro


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