New here, Add me up 😊

Sharing code - d37514

Current steak - Day 1
Highest steak - NA
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - UAE

Why I want a companion - I’ve just joined the nofap journey a day ago, and I believe with the help of few companions the journey would definitely be easier. And lets get off this habit together to live a healthier and a better life that we all wish to live! Lets do this xD

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Here bro day 1 my code 35797e lets crack this habit

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8c4147 is my code

22, M, Ireland

Currently on day 2
Highest streak is day 49

Added you both

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I like your enthusiasm. Yeah, let’s do this.



Added you too bro

Lets fight this together

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Hey I join the battle as well! 2259e7

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